Lina Saneh and Rabih Mroué (LB/DE)

video installation | original version translated into Italian
+ meeting with the company

c/o ZONA K, free entrance allowed with 2024 membership

You collect a lot of things over the years, often without knowing why or what you want to do with them. Until one day, you spread them out and start looking at them properly. You try to understand why it is you like them and why you might also be ashamed of them at the same time. You attempt to discover or to invent their stories, struggling to give free rein to your emotions or to tame them. As you look at your collection, you might allow memories to return, and you might try to utter them, mixing your stories with their imagined ones. In brief, you might use them to talk about “you”; you, as an inseparable singular from all the other singulars, you, as an unbreakable moment from history.

written and directed by Lina Majdalanie & Rabih Mroué voice-over Francesca Bracchino e Marcello Spinetta animation Sarmad Louis music Abdalla El-Masri, Charbel Habr, Matef and HoRa’ Mim editing Rabih Mroué, Sarmad Louis sound Rafi Mrad photo corrections Randa Mansour
Commissioned and produced by steirischer herbst ’20

Lina Saneh and Rabih Mroué were born in Beirut in 1966 but reside in Berlin. They generally work together, while also pursuing personal projects. Rabih Mroué has developed a versatile artistic practice in which he assumes, often simultaneously, the functions of actor, director and playwright, with a peculiar ability to photograph the contemporary. Since 1990, he and Lina Saneh have created performances that blur the boundaries between disciplines in a poetic fusion of theatre, installations, performance art and video. Together they present works that directly reflect the social and political realities of their country, while delving into the underlying issues and contradictions of Lebanese society.


The space of the Casa Degli Artisti, which is recently returned to the city, has been chosen for the opening of the Theatre season 2020 REALITY of ZONA K.

In Go Figure Out Yourself, an encounter with the audience in an unprepared space, five characters take you far beyond the protective walls of the theatre and they show you a place where you can give shape to your own thoughts, simply by looking and listening to others. At the rhythm of a soundtrack that mixes words, music and dance, you are invited to participate in an unpredictable and exciting trail.

Go Figure Out Yourself explores the boundaries between audience and performers.

Simply moving freely in the space, you will become part of a group happening, which will leave you in the end with many questions and few answers. The slowness of everything contrasts with the speed of the individual. The whole is greater than the sum of its parts. Everything is what it is.


presented in collaboration with and c/o Casa degli Artisti, Corso Garibaldi, 89/A – via Tommaso da Cazzaniga -M2 Moscova-

Info: dance performance • duration 75 min. • in English
Nb: audience and performers share the same stage space. There are no chairs.

Standard tickets: 15,00 € – Students/under 26/over 65/groups: 10,00€
You can pick up tickets at Casa degli Artisti, Corso Garibaldi, 89/A – via Tommaso da Cazzaniga -M2 Moscova-

Part of the subscription shows


direction, choreography, scenography Wim Vandekeybus, created and interpreted by Sadé Alleyne, Maria Kolegova, Hugh Stanier, Kit King, Tim Bogaerts, dramaturgy Aïda Gabriëls, lighting design Davy Deschepper, Wim Vandekeybus, costume design Isabelle Lhoas assisted by Isabelle De Cannière, technical coordination Davy Deschepper, sound engineer Bram Moriau, stage manager Tom de With, producer Ultima Vez, co-producer Les Brigittines (Bruxelles), with the support of the Tax Shelter measure of the Belgian Federal Government, Casa Kafka Pictures Tax Shelter empowered by Belfius, Ultima Vez is supported by the Flemish Authorisations and the Flemish community commission of the Brussels-Capital region.


Physicality, passion and intuition are the main elements of Wim Vandekeybus’ work, one of the greatest exponents of the international performance scene. A multifaceted artist, choreographer, director, performer who attended the University of Leuven where he studied psychology. Fascinated by the relationship between mind and body, this interest influenced all his choreographic work.
In 1987 he founded the Ultima Vez company with which he made almost 30 productions as well as numerous films and videos. The use of different media and languages ​​translates into a constantly evolving cast that includes dancers, circus performers, actors, musicians and collaborations with artists from different disciplines.

Guinea Pigs (IT)

The show articulates itself it two autonomous branches with a common theme: the violence of power, hidden and invisible, that society does not recognize. Free violence and social-bullying, a women’s body as a land to be conquered: these are the wars that Guinea Pigs tell in a scenic vision founded on the relationship between acting, sonic composition, drama and movement.

Atti di Guerra (War acts) is the first artistic project of the Milanese group, that has already won prestigious rewards in Italy. Four actors on scene, their bodies, the sound, light and the speaking: there are the elements that make the show Atti di Guerra. Two different tensions. On one side the will to remain participating to the acts of violence that are evoked on stage, without embellishments and without special effects .On the other side the tension of a theatrical language far way form the reality of the representation, that makes it possible to observe these violent acts as if they weren’t true, but from a magnifying glass, that isolates the details. The result of of this research made by the Guinea Pigs is a show in which narration and representation travel on two parallel tracks in constant dialogue. The narration is entrusted to the speech, to the bodies, to the sounds and light: metaphorical and sometimes meta-theatrical. The unspoken objective is the creation of a prism that can bring the eyes of the spectators closer to those shards of free and unjustified violence that can explode wherever.


In Italian 

The performance on 23 May will be followed by an informal meeting between the company and the audience.


Concept and direction by Riccardo Mallus. Dramaturgy by Giulia Tollis. By and with: Letizia Bravi, Marco De Francesca, Francesco Martucci, Federico Manfredi. Sound composition by Gianluca Agostini. Stage movement by Betti Rollo. Costumes by Laura Dondi. Lighting by Martino Minzoni. Photos: Diego Monfredini and Lucia Baldini

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