Silvia Girardi


14 - 15 March 2014
h. 21.30

concept, regia, drammaturgia Silvia Girardi
performers Sara Rosa Losilla, Carolina Cametti
selezione video Silvia Girardi, Laura Lamonea
videomapping Video Sound Art Festival
dramaturg Laura Tassi
sound design Michael Shiono
set design Daniele Girardi
sculture Dora Ayala
light design Stefano Mazzanti
contributi video ModoFilm, Daniele Girardi
assistente videomapping Alessandra Cassiano
urban ponchos Otto London
assistente regia Margherita Scalise
assistente tecnico Edoardo Verea
foto Luca Sironi
distribuzione terzo paesaggio


PRIMO STUDIO – UMANITÁ – LIBRO I travels through time and space in a magical landscape with a performative flavour, crossing oceans, galaxies and cities to explore the story of a Nature of which Man is a part. In the inability to penetrate it fully, Humanity Book I tries to understand the language through which Nature speaks and feels. It questions evolutionary intelligence, the planetary landscape, ecological threats and conscious individual action. It speaks with the imagined voice of Nature through life forms other than Man, who rarely appears in this account, no longer in his anthropocentric version of observer and dominator, but as the observed. In any case, Man does not know Nature’s point of view, so he must rely on dreams.

– Once man is freed from his presumed and inconsistent self-sufficiency, his profound interactions with the environment are coming to light. The crisis of anthropocentric self-referentiality has proceeded with the emergence of new, more complexly ecocentric instances. – Franco Brevini

Who’s on the scene > two Turritopsis Dohrnii or immortal jellyfish capable of transforming their cells from a mature state back to immaturity, in other words they never die. They have now mastered the evolutionary question and are over 500 million years old in our history since their appearance on the planet. Jelly A is tired of the continuous metamorphic cycle and dreams of evolving into another form; Jelly B experiences the omnipotence of immortality and the supremacy of the species. They have always had the same beckettsian speeches, until something changes their set-up, a strange black wave brings them very close to an unexpected end that they thought unlikely.

– Humanity’s ten-thousand-year-old experiment to adopt a way of life at the expense of nature is failing. A new worldview based on the planetary ecosphere shows us the way.  – World Charter for Nature

The Process > Humanity Book I speaks to the audience in the form of a collage of words, videos, music and video art works. The narrative is not linear: it involves the intersection of real-life scenes, magical-realist characters, psychological landscapes, vox populi video interviews of contemporary humans. We use existing and original texts with an emphasis on the emotional and evocative component. Our dramaturgy comes from improvisations, stage writing, and physical compositions. We are inspired by Beckett’s synthesis, A. Kiefer’s painting, Magic Realism and technical-scientific language.

The survival of the world depends on wildness. The wild is inside us, it is a dream we carry within us. – Thoureau

Special thanks to: Otto London, Mondo Yoga, Scuola Paolo Grassi, ATIR Ringhiera, Greepeace, Filippo Agnello, Ivan Casagrande Conti, Ferdinando Boero, Stefano Piraino, Federica Fabiani, Michele Di Giacomo, Allison DeLauer




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