Tommaso Arosio/ Fedra Boscaro


14 - 15 March 2014
h. 21.00

project (body-mapping) by Fedra Boscaro and Tommaso Arosio
guests of Appunto #09 visual arts Karin Andersen, Sonia Marcolin
sound Valentino Corvino and Roberta Giallo
production Ever New Bestiary

Novissimo Bestiario is an articulated research project that intends to survey the “imaginary beings” of the contemporary world. The series of performances entitled Appunti is intended as a preparatory investigation for Bestiario, focusing on the relationship between “imaginary beings and human beings”. The odd notes make use of video body mapping and participatory creation. The single notes are the stratification of the contributions of the guest-artists, invited to reshape the body-images according to their own poetic research.

Fedra Boscaro and Tommaso Arosio compose an intelligent critical reflection on the perception (and use) of the body, surfing the western pop imagery. Their bestiary represents and highlights the most stereotyped aspects of what is sought and demanded from the female physicality; these same aspects are then decomposed, corrupted so as to suggest how infinite the ways of beauty can become. The notes thus take shape as an ongoing project enriched by continuous contributions from a variety of sources. Thanks to the superimposition of the real body and the virtual body, the work shows the gap between the two dimensions, refuting the supposed indical relationship between the physical object and its two-dimensional representation” (F.Patti)

Appunti per un novissimo bestiario trailer

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