STRATEGIA K - comportamenti che tendono a instaurare condizioni di equilibrio

6 - 7 March 2014
h. 21.00

stage action Elisa Turco Liveri
video Salvatore Insana
with the voices of Giovanna Bellini, Luca Bondioli, Vania Ybarra
sound Alban De Tournadre
lighting design Giovanna Bellini
sound technician Marco De Tommasi
costumes Olivia Bellini
production Compagnia Del Meta-Teatro
co-production Dehors/Audela – Lyriks
with the support of Electa Creative Arts  and Ass.Cut.Resine
audiovisual dramaturgy Dehors/Audela

Her fertility is in doubt. Perhaps she will not be able to procreate. Until now he has not considered the problem. All it takes is one element not working to destabilise the whole.

A parental tutorial on adaptability and survival. Making up for the possible absence of a child. Caring for those who, having been born, are destined to perish. The possibility of not generating another life, another skeleton. Cow bones, emblem of the primary nourishment: milk. Encounter between body and ex-body. One inert in substance, the other incapable of its natural functions, they meet, they converse mute.

An unexpected short-circuit causes the gap between mimesis and reality.

Strategy K reworks the story of hysteria (one of the most complex paradigms of the mind-body problem), a pathology that was once believed to be linked to problems of procreation, reconnecting with the “real” problem of presumed infertility of the performer on stage and creating a new physical score drawing on extra-theatrical sources such as ethology, such as the Iconographie photographique de la Salpêtrière, a visionary and obsessive reservoir of ante-litteram pain spectacularization, or Didi Huberman’s thought (especially her L’invenzione dell’interia).

The spectacularization of pain and private drama, which today has reached dizzying heights, has older origins than we think: in the late nineteenth century, the alleged hysterics of the Salpêtrière were literally put on stage, made to perform in front of an audience of doctors, forced to have attacks and rewarded with a final applause.

Elisa Turco Liveri and Salvatore Insana met in 2010 in the Meta-Teatro space in Rome. The project they are part of tries to bring together theatre and video in the sign of a continuous research in which the two languages maintain their own specificity and at the same time are able to generate new forms of expression. In recent years they have produced video-theatrical works (A pezzi; Nelle pieghe; Land(e)scapes, In Negativo, Space-Time Lapse), audiovisual research projects (Aperture; In pieces; Recognition; Radici; Hunger; L’altra velocità) and photographic investigations (Space-time Lapse, Umano non umano; Folds, Contre nature).

STRATEGIA K – comportamenti che tendono a instaurare condizioni di equilibrio trailer

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