Cesare Malfatti


15 November 2013
h. 21.00

“Una mia distrazione’, the latest work by Cesare Malfatti, is presented for the first time at ZONA K with all the musicians who took part in the project.

music Cesare Malfatti
lyrics Luca Lezziero and Vincenzo Costantino
voice and guitar Cesare Malfatti
piano Antonio Zambrini
double bass Matteo Zucconi
drums Riccardo Frisari
violin Vincenzo Di Silvestro
second voice Stefania Giarlotta

After releasing more than 20 albums as La Crus, The Dining Rooms, NOOrda and Sem’bro, in 2011 Cesare Malfatti signed his first album under his own name, with lyrics by Alessandro Cremonesi, in which he sang,
played all the instruments, and produced a CD personally printed, stitched and made out to those who requested it.

Now he has decided to tinge his new work with Jazz Una mia distrazione (Adesiva Discografica 2013, artistic co-production Paolo Iafelice), by calling on the Milanese pianist and composer Antonio Zambrini, a real treasure of our music, to play alongside him.
The result is an airy work, with a wide melodic range, but less usual than his previous experience as a soloist.
A real “happy distraction” in Malfatti’s career.

The evening marks the opening of the new interdisciplinary season PLAY-K(ei) 2013-2014.
On this occasion the first numbered copies of the album will be available for purchase.

Admission 10.00 €.
Book now, places are limited!

During the show-concert, ZONA K will be dressed with video installations by guest companies in the new PLAY-K(ei) season: Codice Ivan, inQuanto teatro, Dehor/Audelà, Cascina Barà, Luca Camilletti and other beautiful surprises in preview.

Una mia distrazione trailer 

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