Agrupación Señor Serrano

From the leading group of the Catalan scene, Silver Lion at the 2015 Venice Biennale.

Katastrophe is a contemporary fable about ecology and man-made disasters, skilfully told with video, irony and pop ideas. On stage are four performers, eleven scale models and hundreds of gummy bears that suffer earthquakes, oil spills, wars and other disasters.

ZONA K therefore proposes the Sunday afternoon repetition thinking also for families.



The show is wordless, with small text projections in Italian.
Suitable for an audience of 7+ year olds, teenagers and adults.


Conceived by Àlex Serrano and Pau Palacios; performance Àlex Serrano, Diego Anido, Jordi Soler and Pau Palacios; project manager Barbara Bloin; a production Agrupación Señor Serrano and Festival Hybrides de Montpellier; with the support of INAEM;

Agrupación Señor Serrano tells its story

Agrupación Señor Serrano – Silver Lion of the Venice Biennale 2015 –

Founded by Àlex Serrano in Barcelona in 2006, Agrupación Señor Serrano is a theatre company that produces its own shows based on material taken from contemporary reality.

It uses the most innovative technical means and traditional tools to constantly redraw the boundaries of its theatre. It makes use of numerous artistic collaborations and combines in its productions theatre, performance, live video, sound, scale models, to stage stories capable of telling the contradictions of contemporary human experience.

Evolution, globalisation and survival are among the main themes dealt with in the latest productions.

Today, the group’s core is composed of Àlex Serrano, Pau Palacios and Barbara Bloin.

Speakers: Àlex Serrano, Pau Palacios and Ilaria Mancia, moderator: Oliviero Ponte di Pino

Photo Nacho Gómez

Agrupación Señor Serrano

Flocks of migratory birds forming indecipherable patterns in the sky. Movement. Life. Nothing in the cosmos stands still.
What is the point of building walls and fences to stop the flocks of birds?

Birdie compares two mirages.
On the one hand, welfare, respect for human rights, prosperity, easy movement of information and capital.
On the other, wars, exploitation, persecution, obstacles for migrants.

A multimedia show, visionary and rational at the same time, which deals with the evolution and survival of mankind with a critical spirit and wit in a clever composition of live performances, live video footage, scale models, art films and newspaper cuttings.

From the leading group of the Catalan scene, Silver Lion at the 2015 Venice Biennale.




In English, with Italian subtitles.
The show will be held at TeatroLaCucina, ex Psychiatric Hospital Paolo Pini
(via Ippocrate 45 – MM3 FN Affori, NB exit via Ciccotti)


In collaboration with OLINDA

Creation Àlex Serrano, Pau Palacios, Ferran Dordal; performance Àlex Serrano, Pau Palacios, Alberto Barberá; project manager Barbara Bloin; production GREC Festival de Barcelona, Fabrique de Théâtre – Service des Arts de la Scène de la Province de Hainaut, Festival TNT – Terrassa Noves Tendències, Monty Kultuurfaktorij, Konfrontacje Teatralne Festival; sponsor miniature animals Safari Ltd;

Catalan avant-garde on stage

The PLAY-K(ei) Who are we? season closes 2016 with the now customary European appointment, dedicated this year to CATALONIA. A rich and lively cultural panorama, a multiform theatrical scene, with peaks of excellence in very different disciplines, from contemporary circus to urban performance.

An autonomous region with a strong identity, Catalonia is today both an example of the protection of identities and a mirror of the many trends towards independence in Europe. It is therefore a region that represents a stimulus for investigation, leading to the identification of leading groups on the performance scene and a reflection on the political and cultural developments of an increasingly complex and fragile Europe.

Can the protection of identities be a guarantee of artistic freedom? Can the aspiration for local economic and political independence exist within a Europeanist vision?

ZONA K chooses some of the most representative and innovative artists, whose work is able to speak about contemporary reality and the contemporary world.

At the same time, in a parallelism between the actuality of the present and the avant-garde of the past, it investigates the Spanish Civil War on its 80th anniversary, through the eyes of artists who recounted their present.



26 – 27 November 2016 h. 15.30
Rogert Bernat – DOMINI PÚBLIC
[urban performance]

1 December 2016 h. 17.00 – 20.00
[film and encounter]

1 – 2 December 2016 h. 21.00
Agrupación Señor Serrano – BIRDIE

3 December 2016 h. 22.00 p.m. (after the show)
[meeting with glass of wine]

3 December h. 21.00, 4 December 2016 h. 17.00
Agrupación Señor Serrano – KATASTROPHE
[theatre-video show]

November 2016 – September 2017
Roger Bernat in residence




The season PLAY-K(ei) 2016 – Who are we? resumes after the summer break with the Urban Focus, to give space to the will of ZONA K to talk, reflect and act on reality, especially the urban one that surrounds us.

A focus dedicated to performances created to inhabit non-theatrical spaces, to act in the city space and actively dialogue with the people and elements that compose it.

Established and emerging artists steal fragments of reality and rework them according to their own poetics, mixing scenic creation and everyday elements, blurring the boundary between public and private, to lead us to consider ourselves and what surrounds us with a renewed look and attitude, to imagine and, why not, build new realities.


The events

23 – 25 September, 2, 23 October and 12, 27 November 2016
h. 17.00, 18.00, 19.00, 20.00
Scarlattine Teatro- HAMLET PRIVATE
[performance for single spectator]

23 – 25, 30 September and 1 – 2 October 2016
h. 15.00, 16.00, 17.00, 18.00, 19.00
Strasse – SOLO
[urban performance]

23 – 25 September 2016 h. 21.00
[concert performance]

23 September – 28 October 2016

24 September 2016
h. 10.15 – 16.00 [workshop]
h. 16.00 – 16.30 [performance]
Alessio Calciolari and Filippo M. Ceredi, in collaboration with Cinzia Delorenzi
STARING BACKWARDS – the 1st city meeting of backward walking


Dario Buccino – Ensemble HN

But true is an initiatory journey into sound, the body and the here and now. The performance is based on the HN® System, a musical system invented by Dario Buccino to capture the forces that animate the musical experience. HN stands for hic et nunc.

The four musicians use the voice, a clarinet and four Lamiera HN®, musical instruments inspired by the so-called slab of thunder, the machine for sound effects used in the theatre since the eighteenth century. The Lamiera HN is not a thunder slab but a real musical instrument, played using a performance technique that involves the performer’s entire body and is capable of producing sounds that are at times very delicate and enveloping, at other times so powerful that the audience can feel the movement of air caused by the vibrations of the steel sheet.

The vocal techniques used in the performance took years to be devised and perfected by the composer and performers, and contribute to creating an unprecedented world of sound without the need for any amplification or electronic processing.

The composition is structured according to formal and energetic principles derived from the techniques of Nō theatre, the ancient Japanese art form based on deeply stylised body movements and essential, intense singing.

Ma vero’s audience, seated or lying on mats, is surrounded by the four HN sheets and immersed in almost complete darkness. The experience of silence and sound comes to involve the listener’s entire body as well, guiding his or her mind beyond the ordinary states of consciousness.

The performance was performed regularly for ten consecutive years, until 2006, becoming a cult appointment for the audience, often forced to wait years before seeing their turn on the long waiting list.

“Playing Ma vero is an experience that changes everything. I was part of its creation, sewn by Buccino on us elective performers. It was Ma vero that taught me to do my own thing. I’ll be back to play it, it’s time.” Enrico “Der Maurer” Gabrielli (Vinicio Capossela, Afterhours, PJ Harvey)


Ensemble HN. Dario Buccino: Lamiera HN, voice; Marco Crescimanno: Lamiera HN, voice; Renato Gatto Lamiera HN, voice; Emiliano Turazzi: Lamiera HN, clarinet


PLAY-K(ei) 2016

With obstinacy and enthusiasm, the fourth season of ZONA K once again uses the formula of thematic FOCUSes, reaffirming our desire to create opportunities for tout court cultural dissemination.

With shows, debates, conversations with cultural figures, workshops for children and young people, photographic exhibitions and films, the FOCUS allows us to make our space, above all, a place for meeting and reflection for a public that we would like to see become ever wider.

It also gives us the opportunity to address current and urgent issues in the reality that surrounds us, both in relation to the micro universe of our city district, and in a macro perspective open to the national and European situation.

The fourth edition of PLAY-K(ei) opens with the FOCUS SWITZERLAND (23 November – 20 December 2015), a survey of a country that is at the centre of Europe even though it is not part of it. The relationship that Europe has with it is emblematic and ambiguous, central to its economic policies, even though it is not involved in the Union’s conflicts and contradictions.  As happened in the last edition and again last September/October with the Remote Milano by Rimini Protokoll (with an English version for the international EXPO audience), we would like to revive the public, ordinary people, as protagonists, so that theatre can once again become part of a shared language and, above all, a necessary part of a community.

This is the direction of Yan Duyvendak & Roger Bernat‘s work, Please, continue (Hamlet) (29 – 30 November 2015) in which a host of eminent lawyers and magistrates, Umberto Ambrosoli, Alessandro Bastianello, Gherardo Colombo, Oscar Magi, Ilio Mannucci Pacini, Mario Mantero, Isabella Marenghi, Adriano Scudieri, Salvatore Scuto, together with other members of the Milan criminal court, lend themselves to the game of theatre by acting themselves through a full-blown trial. Three actors are involved: Francesca Cuttica, Francesca Mazza and Benno Steinegger. The operation also inaugurates the collaboration with the Unicredit Pavillion space that hosts the show and in doing so opens its doors to the theatre for the first time.

The Switzerland Focus continues at ZONA K with the viewing of Milo Rau‘s films The Moscow Trials (27 November 2015) and Hate Radio (29 November 2015) and the participation of a young and talented company, Collettivo Ingwer, which brings to Milan the photographic and video restitution of an investigation between art and contemporary anthropology, carried out with the women of Milan’s Isola district last September. The installation entitled Io sono un’altra (2 – 20 December 2015) is based on the themes of female identity and ideality. This will be followed by the Milan premiere of Still Leben, also by the Ingwer Collective (2 December 2015).

Focus Switzerland also includes two opportunities for reflection and debate: the meeting of the Centro Studi di Politica Estera e Opinione Pubblica of the University of Milan, organised in collaboration with the Centro Svizzero, with the participation of Sergio Romano, Lino Terlizzi and Alfredo Canavero (23 November 2015); and conversations with an aperitif on the theme of theatre poised between Realtà e Finzione (27 November 2015), with the participation of director and performer Yan Duyvendak, director and author Boris Nikitin (creator and curator of the ITS THE REAL THING festival in Basel), and critic and expert Oliviero Ponte di Pino.

For young people, the PLAY-K(ids) programme offers the science workshop Einstein’s Box at Ascona’s Science Garden and the screening of the documentary film The Children of Mount Napf by Alice Schmid (29 November 2015).

On the occasion of this FOCUS SWITZERLAND, the collaboration between the FIT Festival Lugano and ZONA K began. In addition to providing information and contacts for the focus programming, for its 24th edition the FIT Festival has offered reductions to ZONA K members. ZONA K offers reduced rates (upon reservation) to all FIT subscribers and residents of Lugano who will cross the Lugano/Milan border to participate in ZONA K’s Focus Svizzera. The FOCUS will also include the research work of Officina Orsi, Swiss Label and resident artist Rubidori Manshaft on the Isola district and its inhabitants, who will be the stage and protagonists of the Milanese version of his project Sull’umano sentire which, after its debut in Lugano in summer 2016 (of its Swiss version), will be presented by ZONA K in the next edition of the Isola Kult festival, in autumn 2016.

It continues with the  FOCUS GENERE (8 – 20 March 2016), dedicated to gender identity. The FOCUS opens the reflection on the new representations of identity, understood in its different meanings, from gender to national identity. Personal and exemplary stories, theoretical hints and philosophical questions, always on the borderline between fiction and reality, questioning masculinity and femininity, boundaries and definitions, categories and memberships, for a hymn to the freedom to become, to openness to multiplicities. A thought, above all, directed towards future scenarios, where gender identity announces unpredictable developments.

It will be an honour for us to have as our travelling companions in this exploration, the Motus Company with their latest production, MDLSX, at ZONA K in its Milan premiere (8 – 12 March 2016). MDLSX is a sound bomb, a lysergic and solitary hymn to the freedom of becoming, to gender b(l)ending, to being other than the borders of the body, the colour of the skin, the imposed nationality, the forced territoriality, the belonging to a Country. It is a “scandalous” theatrical journey by Silvia Calderoni who – after 10 years with Motus – ventures into this experiment with the apparent format of the D-j/Vj Set, to begin an exploration of boundaries that will be catalysed, in 2017, in Black Drama (a tragic musical).

This will be followed by the young artists of Dehors/Audelà, with their careful and meticulous search for an original artistic language that mixes dance, theatre and video processing in a performance focused on the resistance to inhabiting and wearing one’s own identity, in Perfetto Indefinito (14 – 15 March 2016). Dehors/Audelà is one of the young companies already presented at ZONA K that we are trying to bring to the public’s attention, noting the progressive artistic maturity and originality of their work. In this season of PLAY-K(ei) we wish to inaugurate the support and care towards those artistic realities discovered in the “cellars” of the national programming, and perhaps already hosted at ZONA K, to which we would like to give more space and artistic recognition.

To complete the Focus the evening promoted by the associations Alilò futuro anteriore, Famiglie Arcobaleno, l’Ombelico LE OMBRE DEL BUIO: origini (quasi) nascoste della violenza di genere (25 February 2016), an event that originates from a sociological reflection on the relationship between socialisation and gender stereotypes, initiated at the University of Bergamo and published in the essay by C. Ottaviano and L. Mentasti, Oltre i destini. Attraversamenti del femminile e del maschile, Ediesse, Rome 2015.

From the open dialogue with the artistic direction of the Gender-Bender Festival in Bologna, the exhibition of original illustrations by Luca Di Sciullo, Viola Niccolai, Lisa Passaniti and Cristina Portolano and photographs by Elisa D’Errico FINGERPRINTS / Performing Gender (8 – 25 March 2016) accompanies the entire FOCUS GENRE.

The FOCUS closes with the show INDOMADOR by the Catalan company Animal Religion, in the ZONA K season presented by C.L.A.P.Spettacolodalvivo, in collaboration with Fira Tàrrega (24 – 25 March 2016), followed by a meeting with the artist Quim Girón.

For young people, the PLAY-K(ids) programme proposes the workshop on gender differences THE REAL ENCYCLOPEDIA OF PRINCESSES AND WARRIORS by Paola Gaggiotti and the screening of the documentary film GAYBY BABY by Maya Newell (13 March 2016).

The FOCUS IDENTITÁ (3 – 10 May 2016) is dedicated to the cultural aspects of identity definition. We are spectators of an unprecedented migratory flow. On the one hand, we see Europe increasingly defining itself and its borders becoming more rigid through nationalistic legacies. On the other hand, a kind of cultural contamination is spreading uncontrollably. Is it still worth talking about ‘nation’ or ‘dominant culture’? We have come up with a Focus where the colours of cultural and national identities mix as in a card game, where chance and necessity determine the construction of new and unexpected communities: a reflection on cultural and national identity, or rather “Against identity”, to quote the famous text by Francesco Remotti.

This is followed by the play Sotto un cielo straniero by Teatro Utile /Mascherenere (4 – 6 May 2016), in which the actors are mainly immigrants, lost in the urban geography of a city such as Milan. In order to continue the FOCUS journey, we have called upon young artists who, by means of innovative theatrical languages, are able to address the themes revolving around the construction of an identity in a broad and philosophical sense, so as to return to the public the contradictions of the chosen theme: TeatrInGestAzione, a young company from Naples with the show Absolute Beginners (9 – 10 May 2016) seemed emblematic in this regard, both for its content and its original language.

With regard to the theme in which the identity of peoples and cultures is brought into play, it seemed natural and at the same time a conscious gamble to try to mix the paths of different artistic identities. As in the reality of the contamination of peoples, so in the artistic reality we are trying to bring together diametrically opposed companies such as Arosio/Boscaro, dedicated to experimentation between dance and video-mapping, and Teatro Utile/Mascherenere more inclined to the discovery of an original dramaturgy that draws on the resources of the individual members of its inter-ethnic working group, in a path of meetings (which will take place between January and May 2016) where the exchange of experiences and artistic visions can create a significant return for the public on the theme of FOCUS (6 May).

FOCUS IDENTITA’ is also a debate on FLUSSI MIGRATORI: IDENTITA’ E CONNESSIONI led by De Biasio with two leading experts on the subject: Maurizio Ambrosini and Francesco Remotti, followed by a screening of ZaLab’s short films I LIVE IN MELBOURNE NOW (10 May 2016).

There are the Extra Events of PLAY-K(ei), or those events that, for the sake of consistency, we have not included in the Thematic Focuses but that indicate ZONA K’s desire to bring to light interesting and unique artistic experiments. Thus, we would like to highlight the participation in the ZONA K season of Dario Buccino, musician and performer who will bring to ZONA K a singular live performance for four sheet music players and a clarinet entitled “Ma vero!” (18 – 19 March 2016).

After the summer break, PLAY-K(ei) resumes with the URBAN FOCUS (23 September – 27 November 2016) to give space to ZONA K’s desire to talk, reflect and act on reality, especially the urban reality that surrounds us. Established and emerging artists steal fragments of reality and rework them according to their own poetics, mixing scenic creation and everyday elements, blurring the boundary between public and private, to lead us to consider ourselves and what surrounds us with a renewed look and attitude, to imagine and, why not, build new realities.

Shakespeare’s Hamlet and his inability to act give life to ScarlattineTeatro‘s Hamlet Private: a confidential Hamlet, close, which abandons the traditional theatrical context and welcomes every single spectator in the intimacy of a coffee shop to give shape to a confidential relationship between spectator and performer. (23 – 25 September; 23 October; 13 November; 27 November 2016 @ Type Bistrot in via Borsieri).

PLAY-K(ei) le STRASSE come to PLAY-K(ei) with SOLO, a site-specific project that works on complex urban spaces, such as large train stations, and the people who populate them, a humanity in transit and circulation, with its own peculiar rhythms and travel times. (23 – 25 September; 30 September – 2 October 2016 @ Stazione FS Garibaldi).

From Bologna to FOCUS URBAN SPRAY LEXICON by Ateliersi, a dramaturgical and performative research on the writings that appear and disappear from the walls of the city. Ateliersi focuses its gaze on the inhabited street, on the engravings of anonymous authors, where the border between public and private emerges mobile and undefined.  (23 – 25 September 2016 @Key Gallery, Via Borsieri)

Framing the whole FOCUS, the exhibition that brings together in a series of animated postcards, portraits inspired by the characters we see every day in our neighbourhood, the Isola district of Milan, conceived by BoomBangDesign: #POSTCARDSFROMISOLA (23 September – 28 October 2016 @ZONA K).

The season closes with FOCUS CATALOGNA: Catalan Avant-Garde on Stage, another European event, this time dedicated to CATALOGNA. A rich and lively cultural panorama, a multiform theatrical scene, with peaks of excellence in very different disciplines, from contemporary circus to urban performance. ZONA K chooses some of the most representative and innovative artists, able with their work to talk about contemporary reality and the contemporary world. At the same time, in a parallelism between the actuality of the present and the avant-garde of the past, it investigates the Spanish Civil War in its 80th anniversary, through the eyes of artists who told their present.

DOMINI PÚBLIC by Roger Bernat opens, a game about life, almost a life-size box game where the spectators are not mere pawns but become the protagonists of a story that director Bernat skilfully orchestrates. A sociological investigation in three dimensions on themes that are close to our hearts and in which we are protagonists, without constraints and prefixed roles. For the first time in Milan, Domini Públic has toured the world and is a true classic of urban performance (26 – 27 November 2016 at the Castello Sforzesco).

The leading group of the Catalan scene, winner of the Silver Lion at the 2015 Venice Biennale, Agrupación Señor Serrano, brings to the stage two multimedia performances.
BIRDIE, compares two mirages. On the one hand, welfare, respect for human rights, prosperity, ease of movement for information and capital. On the other, wars, exploitation, persecution, obstacles for migrants.






“I am the eyes of the city rolling towards the borders of the world,” from Loretta Mesiti’s La Radice.

Absolute Beginners is a philosophical-visionary meditation on borders, identity, politics, physical, linguistic, in tension towards their dissolution. In this fading of borders, languages, biographies and personal histories, once the ties of belonging to a presumed original homeland have been dissolved, mingle and take on a new sense, a new sound, and it is here that the profile of a new possible geography appears. In an era like ours, in which we tend to understand ourselves more and more as heirs and posthumous, is the desire to live and think of our existence as a beginning still present? Slipping out of the warmth of the den. Abandoning the ease, the abundance, the quiet security of the organic and organised path received as an inheritance, for a path that is disorganised, insecure, probably incoherent, made up of going back and forth, interrupted attempts.

Absolute Beginners is the first movement of the project avVento – Geographies and Identities to come – a systemic and polysemic work, an attempt to write a postmodern foundation myth, born from a sense of disorientation, extraneousness with respect to the historical-social-geographical-identitary present we live in. Strangers therefore to ourselves and to the world, we have no choice but to imagine a new foundation, from the origin to the trace, from its vision to its fulfilment.



a collective creation by TeatrInGestAzione; scenic itineraries Gesualdi / Trono; dramaturgic itineraries Loretta Mesiti; with Giovanni Trono, Alessia Mete, Marzia Macedonio, Laura Russo; with the support of PROGETTO DE.MO. /MOVIN’UP 2011 by the Ministry for the Cultural Heritage and Activities – Directorate General for the Landscape, Fine Arts, Architecture and Contemporary Art and GAI – Association for the Circuit of Young Italian Artists; Insitut für Theater, Film und Medienwissenschaf der Goethe Universität (Frankfurt am Main); Hessische Theaterakademie (Hessian Theatre Academy); Tanz der Künste; Frankfurt LAB (Frankfurt am Main)




TeatrInGestAzione, based in Naples, is an intersubjective creative organism in constant poetic revolution. It produces works with a strong visual impact. It pursues an aesthetic based on the rigour of presence, the sobriety of elements and the essential use of space. His work stems from the need to separate the act of performance from the spectacular context, and to qualify the stage as the seat of an experimental sociality. A guest at national and international exhibitions and festivals, her work has been received, among others, by the Institut für Theater-Film und Medienwissenschaft-Goethe Universität in Frankfurt am Main (Germany) 2011; Ella Fiskum Danz R.E.D. – Eina (Norway) 2013; APACHE season two – Milan 2015; Italian Performance Platform/Ipercorpo – Forlì 2014; Trasparenze Festival – Modena 2014; Testimonianze Ricerca Azioni, Teatro Akropolis – Genoa 2014 and 2015; Finestre sul Giovane Teatro, Teatro Ridotto – Bologna, 2013; Napoli Teatro Festival Italia – Naples, 2010; E'(C)CENTRICO – Turin 2011 and 2013; Presente/Futuro 2011 – Palermo; Benevento Città Spettacolo – Benevento, 2008. In 2011 he won the DE.MO./ Movin’UP award in support of the circulation of emerging Italian talents in the world (GAI and MiBAC). 

His artistic and pedagogical experience is collected in several degree theses and in the volumes “Testimonianze Ricerca Azioni” ed. AkropolisLibri 2014; “Il tempo a Napoli” by Piermario Vescovo, Ed. Marsilio 2011. In 2006 he inaugurated the theatrical project (didactic and creative) developed in the Judicial Asylum of Aversa, addressed to its inmates, based on an activity of expressive awakening and search for spaces of human dignity, which currently continues with the inmates of the Prison of Naples Poggioreale. In 2011 he was one of the founding members of the National Coordination of Theatre in Prison. Since 2011 he has been the creator and curator of Altofest – International Contemporary Live Arts Festival (


What builds the identity of a continent, a nation, a city?
In 2013 ZaLab landed in Australia to investigate, together with African and Italian migrants, with second generations of Australians of Somali, Ethiopian, Italian and Congolese origin, the sense of belonging to a country, their roots, the contribution of past and present migration, the contribution that the cultures that emigrated to the “new world” have made to the creation of Australian identity.

From this reflection come the most varied stories, translated into 10 short films, which show a comparison between past and present, between different cultures found in a land that has given them a future, but at a high price.



ZaLab is an association for the production, distribution and promotion of social documentaries and cultural projects. It is a collective of five filmmakers and social workers: Matteo Calore, Stefano Collizzolli, Maddalena Grechi, Andrea Segre, Sara Zavarise. Participatory video is the workshop of stories. ZaLab’s workshops are aimed at those who live on the fringes and do not normally express themselves through video, but thanks to the workshop course they can become authors of new stories about reality. The documentary is the story of reality. ZaLab’s documentaries can be born from a workshop or from the individual choices of the authors: they transform forgotten lives into stories for cinema and television. Since 2006, ZaLab has produced and distributed internationally award-winning documentaries, including: “Limbo” by Matteo Calore and Gustav Hofer, “Il pane a Vita” by Stefano Collizzolli, “Mare Chiuso” by Andrea Segre and Stefano Liberti, “Il sangue verde” by Andrea Segre, “I nostri anni migliori” by Stefano Collizzolli and Matteo Calore, “Come un uomo sulla terra” by Andrea Segre and Dagmawi Yimer. It has carried out participatory video workshops in the Tunisian desert, in a Palestinian village in the West Bank, in the suburbs of Barcelona, with asylum seekers in Bologna and Rome, with children from the Aeolian islands, with second-generation youth in Padua, with Italian migrants in Australia. ZaLab also promotes social campaigns to spread democracy and minority rights, especially thanks to the civil distribution network it has built up over the years to encourage the free circulation of films and documentaries.

Teatro Utile/Mascherenere

Short texts of a few minutes that together make up an impressionist picture of immigration in a big city, such as Milan. The starting point is La città sradicata (Geografie dell’abitare contemporaneo. I migranti mappano Milano) by Nausicaa Pezzoni.

The dramaturgy works on the way migrants see us and the unknown city they arrive in. The dominant sensation is disorientation, the non-recognition of places and language. The irony, often directed at oneself, is corrosive and spares no one.
We are obliged to recognise ourselves in the behaviour and stereotypical judgments towards so-called ‘non-EU’ people. This makes it possible to deploy strong themes with lightness.

The direction, with the precious collaboration of Olivier Elouti, alternates choral and individual moments trying to enhance the collective participation in the scenic event. The stage is marked by road signs and simple scenic elements made of cardboard following the style of “street-art”.

The show Sotto un cielo straniero (Under a foreign sky) was born from the dramaturgy workshop conducted by Renato Gabrielli with the collaboration of Tiziana Bergamaschi for the Teatro Utile (Art and development) project promoted by the Accademia dei Filodrammatici in Milan.
The show staged at ZONA K is an evolution and reworking of the first result presented in June 2014.


text by Marco Di Stefano, Rufin Doh Zéyénouin, Margarita Egorova, Elide La Vecchia, Alfie Nze, Lorenzo Piccolo, Diego Runko; dramaturgical supervision by Renato Gabrielli; performed by the migrant actors participating in the “Teatro Utile” project Olivier Elouti, Kalua Rodriguez, Yordy Cagua, Yudel Collazo, Mateo Çili Mayil Georgi Nieto, Ngone Gueye, musician Rachid L. Willy. Willy; direction: Tiziana Bergamaschi assistant director: Olivier Wangue Elouti; sets: Andrea Finizio




Teatro Utile is a project of the Accademia dei Filodrammatici, now in its fourth year, which has seen various activities and collaborations. Through theatrical practice we wanted to encourage the creation of a mixed group of artists able to work together to spread multicultural theatre. The basic idea is that experiences from different cultures converge in a single project and create a socially useful theatre that is attentive to the multi-ethnic society in which we live. Our activity takes place on several fronts: in the first year we worked on the creation of a group made up of twenty artists of different nationalities who, after a month-long seminar, presented to the public The journey born from the encounter of their different artistic backgrounds and cultures. In the second and third years we worked on dramaturgy, with seminars led by Renato Gabrielli, Mohamed Kacimi and Kossi Efoui. In the first seminar, led by Renato Gabrielli, the texts were written and then collected in a performance entitled Sotto un cielo straniero (Under a foreign sky) presented at the Fabbrica del Vapore in 2014. At the same time we continue the activities of “Teatro Utile” and “Mascherenere” with a permanent workshop open to Italian and foreign artists who want to experiment with theatrical research on multiculturalism. Moreover, with performances that take up the open structure of Il viaggio, we intervene in difficult situations to encourage interaction between the public and artists. Interaction that is born from the recognition of diversity and that favours the awareness of equal dignity, a fundamental basis for every human relationship.

Mascherenere, is a cultural association founded by a group of Italian and African artists in 1990, with the aim of spreading the cultures of Black Africa in Italy. The association is involved in theatrical and intercultural activities in the territory, working on the dynamics of artistic contamination that arise from the encounter between the “migrant” cultures and that of the host country.


With the FOCUS IDENTITY, we continue our reflection on contemporary representations of identity, moving on to a more social and anthropological side, looking at the redefinition of cultural and national identities.

We are spectators of an unprecedented migratory flow. On the one hand, we see Europe becoming increasingly self-defined and borders becoming more rigid through nationalistic legacies. On the other hand, a kind of cultural contamination is spreading uncontrollably. Is it still worth talking about ‘nation’ or ‘dominant culture’?

We have thought of a Focus where the colours of cultural and national identities mix as in a card game, where between chance and necessity the construction of new and unexpected communities is determined: a reflection on cultural and national identity, or rather “Against identity”, to quote the famous text by Francesco Remotti.


The events:

January – May 2016
3 sessions. Two companies meet for a project on the theme
Arosio/Boscaro – Teatro Utile

3 May 2016 h. 21.00
[theatrical reading]

4 – 6 May 2016 h. 21.00
Teatro Utile/Mascherenere – SOTTO UN CIELO STRANIERO

6 May 2016 
Arosio/Boscaro – Teatro Utile
presentation of the first step of the Identity Project

8 – 9 May 2016 h. 21.00

10 May 2016 h. 19.00
[meeting with aperitif].

10 May 2016 h. 21.00
[documentary film]


The Focus programme will be complemented by exhibitions, meetings, theoretical reflections and further events for children.

7 May 2016 h. 11.00

7 May 2016 at 3 p.m.
[workshop 3 < 6 years]



Young people today have only one fear: that their dreams will come true. On the misunderstanding of self-reproach. On the resistance to inhabiting and wearing one’s own identity. On androgyny and misrecognition. Towards the neutral. The more perfect the more undefined.

The first experiment for Dehors/Audela of research conceived from the life/work of Claude Cahun, writer, photographer and actress born in 1894 in Nantes, close to the surrealist movement in the 1930s, long forgotten and rediscovered only a few decades ago.
Claude Cahun was a controversial artist who was persecuted because of her homosexuality and her Jewish origins. His whole life/work, undermined by constant attacks and insults, can be defined as a continuous pursuit of a missed identity, conceived as resistance and revolt against any forced identification.

concept Salvatore Insana, Elisa Turco Liveri; stage action Elisa Turco Liveri; images Salvatore Insana; sound Achhn, Osvaldo Cibils, Sebastien Bach Pires (RRR); production Dehors/Audela; with the support of ACS – Abruzzo Circuito Spettacolo/ Electa Creative Arts, Stalker Teatro, L’Estruch, Florian Meta-Teatro; project selected for Nuove Traiettorie XL



Elisa Turco Liveri and Salvatore Insana (Dehors/Audela) met in Rome in 2010, in the Atelier Meta Teatro directed by Pippo Di Marca.
The project they are part of brings together theatre, video art and performance in the sign of a continuous research in which the different artistic codes maintain their specificity and at the same time are capable of generating new forms of expression.
In the name of reciprocal interference, they start from a practice in which, if the body and the action constitute the centre of the dramaturgy, the video too has physical traits, it feeds on the body and becomes an integral part of it on stage.



MDLSX is a sonic device, a lysergic and solitary hymn to the freedom of becoming, to gender b(l)ending, to being other than the borders of the body, the colour of the skin, the imposed nationality, the forced territoriality, the belonging to a homeland.
Philosopher Rosi Braidotti wrote about “belonging open to multiplicities” in On Becoming Europeans, proposing a post-nationalist identity… And it is towards the escape from categories – all of them, including artistic ones – that MDLSX tends.

It is a “scandalous” theatrical journey by Silvia Calderoni who – after 10 years with Motus – ventures into this experiment with the apparent format of the D-j/Vj Set, to begin an exploration of boundaries that will culminate in Black Drama (a tragic musical) in 2017.

Autobiographical shreds and literary evocations collide in MDLSX, and on the confusion between fiction and reality MDLSX oscillates – from Gender Trouble to Undoing Gender. We quote Judith Butler who, with Donna Haraway’s A Cyborg Manifesto, Paul B. Preciado’s Contra-sexual Manifesto and other cut-ups from the kaleidoscopic universe of Queer Manifestos, weaves the background of this Performance-Monster.

“The change needed is so profound that it is said to be impossible, so profound that it is said to be unimaginable. But the impossible will come, and the unimaginable is inevitable.” (Animalist Manifesto, Paul B. Preciado)


with Silvia Calderoni; direction Enrico Casagrande and Daniela Nicolò; dramaturgy Daniela Nicolò and Silvia Calderoni; sounds Enrico Casagrande; in collaboration with Paolo Baldini and Damiano Bagli; light and video Alessio Spirli; production Elisa Bartolucci and Valentina Zangari; promotion Italy Sandra Angelini; foreign distribution Lisa Gilardino; production Motus 2015 in collaboration with La Villette – Résidence d’artistes 2015 Paris, Create to Connect (EU project) Bunker/ Mladi Levi Festival Ljubljana, Santarcangelo 2015 Festival Internazionale del Teatro in Piazza, L’arboreto – Teatro Dimora di Mondaino, MARCHE TEATRO – with the support of MiBACT, Regione Emilia Romagna.


MDLSX by MOTUS from ALBAMADA on Vimeo.



The name Motus in itself evokes an image in movement, with blurred contours, confused with landscapes… a profile tormented by irreducible internal upheavals. It embodies a “cross-eyed” attitude to look at experiences-knowledge-works of the past to enrich the strategic arsenal of reinvention of the present, in the disarray of forms and languages. For the Motus company – founded in 1991 by Enrico Casagrande and Daniela Nicolò – there are no borders, no boundaries between countries, historical moments or disciplines; no separation between art and civil commitment. Free thinkers, they take their shows around the world, working with a mixture of expressive formats, driven by the need to confront current themes, conflicts and wounds. 2011>2068 AnimalePolitico Project opened a front of observation on the Next Future with The plot is the Revolution (a scenic encounter between the two Antigones Silvia Calderoni and the indomitable Judith Malina of the Living Theatre). Through workshops, performances and public acts, the path led to the creations Nella Tempesta and Caliban Cannibal. In 2014 the creative experience of King Arthur, a baroque opera with music by H. Purcell and texts by J. Dryden, was for Motus the first electrifying confrontation with musical theatre. Today, however, the long journey of AnimalePolitico is not yet ideally over and, with the new production MDLSX (debut at Santarcangelo Festival 2015), a “Solo” that celebrates ten years of work with Silvia Calderoni, the company inaugurates a new three-year project that deals with the theme of border/conflict. We chose as dramaturgical framework some reflections and pivotal figures from the Oresteia, or better, from Appunti per un’Orestiade Africana and from Pilade by Pier Paolo Pasolini, because too many questions left open – and coincidences – with our previous projects, required depths that only in the union between tragic and contemporary we could tie up again. Today, however, the long journey of AnimalePolitico has not yet come to an end and, with the new production MDLSX (debut at Santarcangelo Festival 2015), a “Solo” that celebrates ten years of work with Silvia Calderoni, the company inaugurates a new three-year project that addresses the theme of the border/conflict.


The GENDER FOCUS opens the reflection on the new representations of identity, understood in its different meanings, from gender to national identity.

It hosts artists and scholars who rethink our perceptions and representations of gender, the canons and norms that regulate their relations, from the existential to the political level.
Personal and exemplary stories, theoretical hints and philosophical questions, always on the borderline between fiction and reality, shedding new light on our mental categories of male and female, questioning boundaries and definitions, categories and memberships, for a hymn – quoting Motus – to the freedom to become, to openness to multiplicities.


25 February 2016 h. 20.00
THE SHADOWS OF DARKNESS: (almost) hidden origins of gender violence
promoted by Alilò futuro anteriore, Famiglie Arcobaleno, l’Ombelico
[screening + performance + meeting]

8 – 25 March 2016 h. 10.00 – 19.00
Gender-Bender presents
FINGERPRINTS / Performing Gender
[exhibition of original illustrations]

8 – 12 March 2016 h. 20.00
12 March special replica h. 17.00
Motus – MDLSX

9 March 2016 h. 18.00
[meeting with aperitif]

14 – 15 March 2016 h. 21.00

24 March 2016 h. 22.00
organized by the Quattrox4 Associatione

24 – 25 March 2016 h. 21.00
Animal Religion – INDOMADOR
[new circus]
in collaboration with CLAPS, spettacolo dal vivo


PLAY-K(ids) review of meetings, workshops and performances for three generations together.

13 March 2016
[workshop for 4 to 8 years old]

13 March 2016
Alice Newell – GAYBY BABY
[film for all]
in collaboration cowithn Gender Bender




Collettivo Ingwer
Camilla Parini

“Few people know how many women there are in me”, Anaïs Nin.

The terms STILL and LEBEN when combined into one word in German mean ‘still life’. By separating the two words, one can obtain multiple meanings: still life; silent living; quiet. Different reading possibilities that somehow reveal a blurred border between stillness, death and life. Fernando Pessoa wrote “What do I die when I am?”.

This work stems from the need to reflect on the figure of the woman without wanting to inquire into her social and cultural position, rather portraying her in the intimacy of her relationship with herself. It is an ever-changing portrait of a woman faded by time, a figure with no boundaries that is changing its forms and is told through the irony and melancholy of a solitude that sometimes or often keeps us company.

It suggests a climate, sometimes a condition or a state of preservation. It investigates those memories abandoned and consumed among rooms without walls, in the spaces of a metaphorical dwelling, in a place where one can still dialogue with one’s absences. It is a creation of real but not necessarily realistic images, which try to penetrate layer after layer under the surface of a life.


Production: Ingwer Collective; by and with: Camilla Parini; sound design: Loris Ciresa; light design: Pierfranco Sofia; costumes: Laura Pennsi; photographs: Martina Tritten.


Camilla Parini – 1984, Switzerland. In 2004 she met the Teatro delle Radici (directed by Cristina Castrillo, Swiss Theatre Prize 2014) with which she began a training and work path, taking part in the shows D_verso D_(2006), Shakespeariana (2008), Track (2009), Dove lo sguardo scorre (2011), Neve (2012), Amori (2013), Petali (2015) performing in various theatres, festivals and shows in Switzerland and abroad (Argenitna, Chile, Cuba, Denmark, Ecuador, Italy and Peru). In 2008 she graduated as a social worker at the University of Applied Sciences of Southern Switzerland SUSPI-DSAS. In 2012 she graduated in Milan at the Scuola di Teatro Paolo Grassi, in the professional course of dance theatre, presenting performances in festivals such as Torino Danza, Biennale Danza Venezia and Bolzano Danza. For some years now she has been collaborating with various professional realities in the Italian part of Switzerland, both in the field of theatre/performance and cinema. She also works with other dance, theatre and performance companies such as Les Ballets C de la B, Wupperrtal Tanztheater, Trisha Brown Dance Company, Peeping Tom, Nicole Seiler, Geraldine Pilgrim, Iris Erez, Violeta Luna. In 2013 she laid the first foundations for the creation of the artistic group Collective Ingwer with which she produced her first show STILL LEBEN in 2014. Currently Collettivo Ingwer, in collaboration with Azimut, is working on its new production “Princesses karaoke or something like that…” (semifinalist at PREMIO Schweiz, an encouragement prize for the performing arts) which will debut in April 2016 in co-production with Teatro Sociale Bellinzona, created and performed by Camilla Parini and Anahì Traversi.

Collettivo Ingwer/Camilla Parini e Chiara Caterina

Photos of women telling their stories, each through two self-portraits: the first portrays the realistic image the woman has of herself, the second portrays the image of what she is, but remains hidden.

The photographed body is not theirs, but that of the performer Camilla Parini, who makes herself totally available to them, like material to be moulded to recreate the image they have of themselves.
Each woman is responsible for undressing, untrimming and dressing this “body material” as she sees fit. This is done, as far as possible, through the use of clothing, make-up and objects owned by the woman herself. She then chooses the place where the body is to be posed and constructs the frame in which it is to be portrayed. A professional photographer is at her disposal to take the photos of the two completed self-portraits.

In Milan, thanks to the support of the Consiglio di Zona 9 and the INTERKULT exhibition coordinated by ZONA K, the project has involved Milanese women from all over the world: China, Morocco, Ukraine, Serbia, Syria, Tunisia and the Philippines. Together they tell us fragments of the new female universe of our city.


Free admission


Photographic project Collettivo Ingwer; in collaboration with Fondazione Aurelio Petroni; idea and body Camilla Parini; photographic support and video shooting Chiara Caterina


Collettivo Ingwer is a multidisciplinary artistic workshop founded in 2013 by Camilla Parini and composed of all the people who have been, are and will be involved in the realisation of the various projects.

Compagnia Yan Duyvendak

After Geneva, Basel, Lugano, Paris, Marseille, Berlin, Vienna, Rome, Cagliari, Rio de Janeiro, “Please, Continue (Hamlet)” arrives for the first time in Milan, with the extraordinary participation of: Umberto Ambrosoli, Alessandro Bastianello, Gherardo Colombo, Oscar Magi, Ilio Mannucci Pacini, Mario Mantero, Isabella Marenghi, Adriano Scudieri, Salvatore Scuto.

A news story: a young man kills his fiancée’s father during a wedding ceremony, she accuses him, he defends himself, saying it was an accident.

A real President of the Criminal Section of the Court of Milan, a real Public Prosecutor, a real defence lawyer for the accused, a real defence lawyer for the civil party stage the trial. The accused is called Hamlet, the accuser Ophelia, the witness Gertrude, Hamlet’s mother and they are played by actors. Everything else is real. The verdict is pronounced by a popular jury of spectators chosen from the audience. Those who act on stage do not follow a script, do not act, but listen to witnesses, assess expert opinions, judge facts.

A subtle play between fiction and reality. An exemplary case that merges into a true story. A dramaturgy of reality and at the same time a great tragic plot transposed to the contemporary era. Please, continue (Hamlet), brings the legal system to the stage, to explore the relationship between the application of justice and the eternally elusive question of what truth is. As in Antiquity – when theatre was one of the most important places of the polis and politics – Yan Duyvendak and Roger Bernat invent scenic devices that they then leave to the spectators. Their performances redefine the space of the self and of play: the stage becomes the agora – and vice versa.


Show starts at 7.30 p.m. (arrive at least 20 minutes beforehand)
Duration 3h with two breaks.
In collaboration with and c/o UniCredit Pavilion, Piazza Gae Aulenti 10
Limited places, booking recommended.


An idea by: Yan Duyvendak & Roger Bernat; with: Francesca Cuttica, Francesca Mazza, Benno Steinegger; and with: magistrates, lawyers and doctors from the Forum of Milan; set design in collaboration with: Sylvie Kleiber; direction and diffusion: Nataly Sugnaux Hernandez; communication and administration: Marine Magnin; production: Samuel Antoine; technical direction: Gaël Grivet; general direction: Thomas Köppel; translations: Daniela Almansi, Matilde Pasquon; production: Dreams Come True, Genève; co-production: Le Phénix Scène Nationale Valenciennes; Huis a/d Werf, Utrecht; Théâtre du GRÜ, Genève; performance created in residence at: Montévidéo, Marseille; Le Carré/Les Colonnes, Scène conventionnée, Saint-Médard-en-Jalles/Blanquefort; with the support of: Ville de Genève; République et canton de Genève; Pro Helvetia Fondation suisse pour la culture; Migros pour-cent culturel; Loterie Romande; Ministerio de Cultura-INAEM; Mécènes du sud, Marseille; Le Nouveau théâtre de Montreuil – centre dramatique national; CORODIS

Fiction and reality

Increasingly, theatre is returning to escape the physical and symbolic spaces designated for it and invade reality, illustrating it, using it and engaging in dialogue with it.

On stage – when it is a stage – actors rarely act, but rather performers, experts in everyday life, witnesses of events that really happened, or at least declared as such. Art opens up to the world and gives itself authenticity.

But what does authentic mean? What does it mean to talk about reality? Where is the boundary between fact and interpretation, reality and fiction, truth and mystification?

Speakers: Yan Duyvendak (director and performer), Boris Nikitin (director, author and curator of the festival “It’s the Real Thing”) and Oliviero Ponte di Pino (critic and expert in contemporary theatre)


foto: ©Marc Ginot


Yan Duyvendak – Born in Holland, he lives in Geneva and Marseille. Trained at the Ecole Supérieure d’Art Visuel in Geneva, he has been practising performance since 1995. His performances have been presented, for example, at the Fondation Cartier in Paris (Soirée Nomade, 1995), at the Festival for Performing Arts EXIT, Helsinki (2001), at Art Unlimited Basel (2002), at the Museo Reina Sofia in Madrid (Don’t Call it Performance, 2003), Guangju Biennial (2004), Image Forum, Tokyo (2005), Ménagerie de Verre, Paris (2006-2009), Vooruit, Ghent (2007), Avignon Festival (2008), and Thaterspektakel Zurich (2009). His video works enrich numerous public and private collections, from the Musée des Beaux-Arts in Lyon to the Museum für Kommunikation in Bern.
Yan Duyvendak has received numerous awards, including (three times) the Swiss Art Award (2002, 2003, 2004), the Namics Kunstpreis für Neue Medien (2004) and the Network Kulturpreis (2006). In 2010, he received Switzerland’s most prestigious award for contemporary art, the Meret Oppenheim Preis. He has been invited numerous times as an artist in residence, for example to the Cité des Arts in Paris, Atelier Schönhauser in Berlin and Pro Helvetia’s Swiss Artistic Studio in Cairo (2007, 2008, 2009).

Boris Nikitin – 1979, Basel, Switzerland. Director, author and theatre designer, artistic director of the festival “It’s The Real Thing”. He studied at the theatre academy in Giessen, Germany. His works are produced and hosted by small independent theatres and the most important permanent theatres in several German cities, including Kaserne Basel, HAU, Gessnerallee, Theater Freiburg, Schauspielhaus Graz, Ruhrtriennale. Some of his projects, such as ‘Imitation of Life’ and ‘Woyzeck’, have been touring internationally for years. His works move along the border and the area of intersection between performance and theatre, fiction and reality, illusion and documentation, amateurism and acting virtuosity, constantly questioning the codes of theatrical creation and fruition. They alternate between conceptual elements and highly theatrical situations. Context often plays a decisive role and not infrequently his works move in the scientific sphere (e.g. “Universal Export” and “Woyzeck”). His directions are conceived and constructed together with the performers/actors, whose personalities and biographies are often at the centre of the performance itself (“F for Fake”, “Imitation of Life”, “Sänger ohne Schatten”). For three years he has been the artistic director of the festival “It’s The Real Thing – Basler Dokumentartage”, dedicated to the most innovative theatrical and performance works with a documentary approach.

Oliviero Ponte di Pino has worked in publishing for over thirty years and was editorial director of Garzanti from 2001 to 2012. He has written for newspapers and magazines and produced radio and television programmes for RAI. He has organised festivals (Sussurri o grida in Milan, Forme del pensiero che ride in Genoa), curated exhibitions (Il nuovo teatro in Italia 1975-1988, 1988, the theatre section of the Trash exhibition, the “stanza del teatro” at Annisettanta), and planned cultural and entertainment initiatives (Maratona di Milano, Subway Letteratura). Since 2014 he has been a member of the MiBACT Theatre Advisory Commission.
He teaches Literature and Philosophy of Theatre at the Brera Academy and Fundamentals of Modern and Contemporary Theatre at IULM. Since 2012 he has curated the BookCity Milano programme and in 2001 he founded the website
His books include Il nuovo teatro italiano (1988), Enciclopedia pratica del comico (1996), Chi non legge questo libro è un imbecille (1999, new edition 2014), Il quaderno del Vajont (with Marco Paolini, 1999), I mestieri del libro (2008), Romeo Castellucci e Socìetas Raffaello Sanzio (2013), Le Buone Pratiche del Teatro (with Mimma Gallina, 2014), Comico e politico. Beppe Grillo and the crisis of democracy (2014), Milan. Tutti i teatri (with Maddalena Giovannelli, 2015).


After the success of Focus Balkans in 2013 with the performance Eden by Slovenian artist Mala Kline and the theatre show Odio la verità – MRZIM ISTINU by Croatian director Oliver Frljić and of Focus Germany in 2014 with the itinerant performance Remote Milano by Rimini Protokoll, ZONA K opens the 15/16 season with the by now customary European appointment, this year entirely dedicated to Switzerland.

Leading artist for this new ZONA K event is
Cie Yan Duyvendak with his performance
PLEASE, CONTINUE (HAMLET) for the first time in Milan.

The Helvetic Union is currently one of the richest countries in terms of innovative and high-quality proposals.
Among the infinite number of possible proposals, we have chosen the most successful projects in terms of innovation, attention to the present and the ability to look at, use and interpret the reality that surrounds us.

Looking at Switzerland allows us to continue to talk about Europe, but from a particular point of view, that of a country that is at the centre of it, is culturally part of it, indeed it includes three of the main linguistic groups, but does not belong to it administratively.

Here are the events.

23 November 2015 h. 18.00 – at Centro Svizzero di Milano
Centro Studi Politica Estera e Opinione Pubblica dell’Università degli Studi di Milano
Speakers: Sergio Romano e Lino Terlizzi; Moderator: Alfredo Canavero.

27 November 2015 h. 18.30
[meeting with aperitif]
Speakers: Yan Duyvendak (director and performer), Boris Nikitin (director, author, set designer and curator of the “It’s the Real Thing” festival) and Oliviero Ponte di Pino (critic, contemporary theatre expert)

27 November 2015 h. 21.00
Milo Rau / IIPM
[documentary film]

29 November 2015 h. 21.00
Milo Rau / IIPM
[documentary film]

29, 30 November 2015 h. 19.30
Compagnia Yan Duyvendak
With the exceptional participation of: Umberto Ambrosoli, Alessandro Bastianello, Gherardo Colombo, Oscar Magi, Ilio Mannucci Pacini, Mario Mantero, Isabella Marenghi, Adriano Scudieri, Salvatore Scuto.

2 December 2015 h. 19.00 vernissage
3 – 20 December 2015 (Mon-Fri) h. 10.00 – 19.00
Collettivo Ingwer / Camilla Parini e Chiara Caterina
[photo exhibition]

2 December 2015 h. 21.00
Collettivo Ingwer / Camilla Parini
[dancing theatre]






Tutte le compagnie ospitate durante le prime tre edizioni di PLAY-K(ei)
le trovi cliccando QUI

InQuanto Teatro

n collaboration with Apache/Teatro Litta

a work by inQuanto teatro
movable characters of the edition Floor Rober, Giacomo Bogani, Andrea Falcone, Francesco Michele Laterza
edited by Andrea Falcone
engravings and inserts Giulia Broggi
iconography Maria Sole Vannetti
binding Julia Lomuto
production project 2013-2015 in collaboration with Kinkaleri

Enciclopedia is a work of erudition that is composed while travelling. It collects people’s definitions for what is around them: things like “house” or “nail” or “dog”. Objects of common appearance. From those words, she composes a well-rounded portrait. Of what? Of today’s man, told through the words he dedicates to the small things that make up his world.

It is a contemporary work, made with old-fashioned manners: it travels from town to town, through theatre festivals and village festivals, touching on different realities in search of a new collaboration. At the end of each local survey, a restitution performance is offered, in which the interviewers resume their costume as artists to read the definitions found and present them to everyone.

The Encyclopaedia grows following the alphabet, in a journey that is both physical and literary. Throughout 2014, it will visit different cities and places, gradually expanding the boundaries of a potentially infinite work, along with the number of its participants.

Where? in the streets of the ISOLA district 


inQuanto teatro is an artistic collective based in Florence, in which Andrea Falcone, Floor Robert and Giacomo Bogani operate. Part of a wider network of links and unions, extended in space and time, inQuanto teatro collaborates or has collaborated with Giulia Broggi (performance, graphics, video editing), Matteo Balbo (performance, graphics), Susanna Stigler (photography), Duccio Mauro (photography), Maria Sole Vannetti (costumes) and Francesco Michele Laterza (performance). Currently, inQuanto teatro is part of Officina Teatro, a project of Operaestate Festival Veneto for young companies, and is supported by Kinkaleri, La Piccionaia and Armunia.

Enciclopedia trailer

Collettivo Cascina Barà

based on an idea by Daniela Scarpari
written by Alessandra De Luca
adapted for the theatre and performed by Daniela Scarpari
visual direction and tag-tool idea Fupete
production, fabric diary composition and live drawing Alessio Trillini
composition and live music Lorenzo Declich (Lorf)
with the collaboration of Erika Gabbani (Nasonero)
vocalist Alessandra De Luca

Images and visions of a girl looking for her mother in a foreign country make up a show based on the interaction between acting, live drawing and live music. The three aspects, which are so intertwined that one cannot exist without the other, create a subtle balance that crosses theatrical action, improvisation and visual performance.
The projected images that make up the scenography are guided and animated by a live artist using a graphic tablet, ranging from simple signs to a certain degree of complexity. At the same time, the musician interacts through pre-recorded tracks and live acoustic interventions of bass and guitar.
A type of social theatre that investigates two orders of contemporary conflicts: the exclusion of the foreigner, which finds its drift in the annihilation of individuality, and the impossibility of fully understanding the other’s point of view within an intergenerational relationship, specifically that between mother and daughter.

The Collettivo Cascina Barà was formed in 2011 in Baraka (Pisan countryside). Everything came about by cause, not by chance. One day souls came together, an idea became a project, produced words, added movements, conveyed sounds, scattered drawings.

#Tessuto was born from a collective direction, a choral work on the text, a Collective based in the ideal space of Cascina Barà, a kind of island that is and is not.

#Tessuto trailer


stage action Elisa Turco Liveri
video Salvatore Insana
with the voices of Giovanna Bellini, Luca Bondioli, Vania Ybarra
sound Alban De Tournadre
lighting design Giovanna Bellini
sound technician Marco De Tommasi
costumes Olivia Bellini
production Compagnia Del Meta-Teatro
co-production Dehors/Audela – Lyriks
with the support of Electa Creative Arts  and Ass.Cut.Resine
audiovisual dramaturgy Dehors/Audela

Her fertility is in doubt. Perhaps she will not be able to procreate. Until now he has not considered the problem. All it takes is one element not working to destabilise the whole.

A parental tutorial on adaptability and survival. Making up for the possible absence of a child. Caring for those who, having been born, are destined to perish. The possibility of not generating another life, another skeleton. Cow bones, emblem of the primary nourishment: milk. Encounter between body and ex-body. One inert in substance, the other incapable of its natural functions, they meet, they converse mute.

An unexpected short-circuit causes the gap between mimesis and reality.

Strategy K reworks the story of hysteria (one of the most complex paradigms of the mind-body problem), a pathology that was once believed to be linked to problems of procreation, reconnecting with the “real” problem of presumed infertility of the performer on stage and creating a new physical score drawing on extra-theatrical sources such as ethology, such as the Iconographie photographique de la Salpêtrière, a visionary and obsessive reservoir of ante-litteram pain spectacularization, or Didi Huberman’s thought (especially her L’invenzione dell’interia).

The spectacularization of pain and private drama, which today has reached dizzying heights, has older origins than we think: in the late nineteenth century, the alleged hysterics of the Salpêtrière were literally put on stage, made to perform in front of an audience of doctors, forced to have attacks and rewarded with a final applause.

Elisa Turco Liveri and Salvatore Insana met in 2010 in the Meta-Teatro space in Rome. The project they are part of tries to bring together theatre and video in the sign of a continuous research in which the two languages maintain their own specificity and at the same time are able to generate new forms of expression. In recent years they have produced video-theatrical works (A pezzi; Nelle pieghe; Land(e)scapes, In Negativo, Space-Time Lapse), audiovisual research projects (Aperture; In pieces; Recognition; Radici; Hunger; L’altra velocità) and photographic investigations (Space-time Lapse, Umano non umano; Folds, Contre nature).

STRATEGIA K – comportamenti che tendono a instaurare condizioni di equilibrio trailer

Qui e Ora
Residenza Teatrale

with Francesca Albanese, Silvia Baldini, Laura Valli 
stage design Erica Sessa 
audio editing Diego Roveroni 
production Qui e Ora Residenza Teatrale

Three amorous fragments constructed from an encounter with contemporary author Tiziano Scarpa. An author whose writing provides an attentive and ironic look at the state of love today. Three lives caught in a crucial moment: having a child, moving, choosing whether to love. A theatrical script made up of images and actions, of thoughts that take on body and voice. The theatre enters private homes, enters everyday spaces for a close encounter between audience and stage action. The public enters the life of a person, his emotional world, his fears and desires.

An intense experience, a moment of strong sharing, then the lady of the house awaits new guests, we return to the world with a convivial moment of food, wine and talk about what we have just experienced.

c/o a private house in the Isola district of Milan

Con tutto l’amore del mondo trailer

Roberto Capaldo

by and with Roberto Capaldo
video and technical processing Marco Ferrara 
directing collaboration Fabrizio Di Stante
leather masks Piero Ottusi
puppets Antonio Catalano
chinese culture consultant Diang Zuanfheng
co-produced by Casa degli Alfieri and Universi Sensibili
Winner of the call “Storie di lavoro” 2011

Zuo Jaobing was a man. Former Maoist. Former communist. Former peasant. Former worker. Ex-alive. Extra-terrestrial because he is Chinese, so absolutely different and incomprehensible that he needs subtitles. His body rests on the shoulders of Chang Showei, his lifelong friend, who walks a long way, for kilometres, for days. He crosses the boundless economic empire of 21st century China to give the body the honour of being buried in its birthplace. Going against the rules of the “civilised” world, Chang involuntarily performs a heroic act, guided only by his instinct and his “shoes”. An interweaving of true stories that, passing from Mao’s cultural revolution to the conditions of Asian workers, comes down to us, for whom Made in China is just the label on the products we buy. Masks, puppets, faces from the Beijing Opera House, Tai Chi fans, the adrenalin-pumping rhythms of award-winning advertisements, the red booklet, shadows, lights, projections, animated drawings, a broken TV set and a shoe.

Roberto Capaldo is a theatre author and actor. He cultivated his interest in figurative arts and stage space by graduating in Architecture in Rome and specialising in scenography at the Accademia del Teatro alla Scala in Milan. In theatre he trained with Daniela Regnoli, Ferruccio Soleri, Francesco Gigliotti, Claudia Contin and Ferruccio Merisi. Other important formative meetings are with Living Theatre, Yves Lebreton, Elsa Fonda, Raul Yaiza, Letizia Quintavalla, Serena Sinigaglia. As an actor he has worked with Bindo Toscani, Marco Angelilli, Antonio Catalano, Bruno Stori, Giulio Molnar, Serena Sinigaglia, Carrozzeria Orfeo, Teatro Inverso. He writes and performs his own shows, often solos, for which he has won numerous awards (including the Manfredi Mastroianni De Sica Prize 2004 for best show and best leading actor; Calandra Prize 2007, Borsellino Prize 2008 for social and civil commitment, Italian show at the XI International Blacksea Festival). He carries out pedagogical activities in the field of social projects and at Idrafactory – Fabbrica del Teatro in Brescia.


MADE IN CHINA liberamente ispirato dalla storia vera di due contadini cinesi trailer

Caligari Bros (Tiziano Popoli e Vincenzo Vasi)

original music by Caligari Bros
electronic lo fi, voice, theremin, toys and acoustic noises Vincenzo Vasi
gestural devices, loops & samples Tiziano Popoli

After many years, Tiziano Popoli and Vincenzo Vasi collaborate again on the soundtrack for a silent film. For the occasion they have given themselves a name and an eloquent image: that of the perfidious Dr Caligari, this time in a new family version. No longer just one but two Caligaris. Two brothers, strenuous supporters of the controversial theory according to which there is a correct acoustic therapy for every clinical pathology, authors of a treatise on the “cleaning of the ear” that has raised a fuss in the medical and academic field. They are said to be charlatans. They reply that they will apply themselves to the remusication of Der Golem by implementing instant composition strategies that straddle the line between kletzmer and electronic-mysticism.

Il Golem, come venne al mondo trailer

Luca Camiletti



Progetto, realizzazione e regia Luca Camilletti 
con Emiliano Dini, Leonardo Mazzi, Dario Rossi, Riccardo Ruscica 
coproduzione Armunia/Festival Inequilibrio, Istituto Omeopatico
collaborazione Il Moderno (Agliana, Pistoia)
produzione esecutiva  Attodue (Firenze)
ringraziamenti Massimo Conti, Katiuscia Favilli, Silvana Bindi, Silvia Sieni, teatro Sotterraneo


Epos inesauribile di meraviglia, orrore e avventura, il libro o balena o volume o enciclopedia di riferimento, alimenta le visioni di ulteriori schegge di appartenenza con cui la scena si intossica.

Essere civile significa avere bisogni complessi. E’ terribile essere civile perché quando arrivi alla fine del mondo non hai nulla per sopportare il tuo peso, il peso della tua mancanza a te stesso. E un individuo, quando è davvero cresciuto, non dovrebbe aver bisogno di nulla.

AUTOSERVICE è un progetto in dieci tappe, dieci volumi. E’ una carrozzeria. Opere più o meno classiche della letteratura vengono attraversate per brevi periodi di tempo di lavoro sulla scena per essere sciolte dalla loro provenienza e drogate con ciò che resta del teatro. La forma di esposizione, il formato e la durata possono essere atipici dal mondo del palcoscenico. L’autoservice fa riferimento ad un luogo di cura di oggetti ammaccati e al tempo stesso alla fruizione leggera della sfogliatura da scaffale.

Luca Camilletti, tra i membri fondatori del gruppo Kinkaleri, lavora oggi individualmente nel campo delle arti sceniche, con estensione alla musica, alla fotografia e alle lingue, sviluppando percorsi di ricerca del tutto personali, con una visione eterogenea ed uno sguardo analitico nel processo di creazione.

Michel Doneda e Takla Improvising Group

soprano saxophone Michel Doneda
drums and sound objects Filippo Monico
dance Cristina Negro

The French musician Michel Doneda has been active since the 1970s in the field of jazz and improvisational music. He has worked with musicians, but also dancers, poets and actors from all over the world. To date, he has released more than 50 records for European, US and Japanese record companies.

Together with the drummer Filippo Monico and the dancer Cristina Negro from the Takla Improvising Group, they will give life to a performance of music and dance, an instantaneous composition born from listening and the relationship between the three artists, the place and the audience.


Oliver Frljić (HR)

under the patronage of the General Consulate of the Republic of Croatia in Milan

idea, text and direction Oliver Frljić
with Ivana Roščić, Rakan Rushaidat, Filip Križan, Iva Visković
production Theatre &TD


Practically unknown in Italy, Oliver Frljić is perhaps the most famous, certainly the most discussed, among the young Balkan directors, and he arrives in Italy within the programming of PLAY-K(ei), the interdisciplinary season of ZONA K.

Born in 1976 in Bosnia, he lives in Zagreb, where he works non-stop as a director, author, actor and theatre theorist. His works, sharply critical and provocative towards the society of former Yugoslavia, have divided the audience, between reactions of enthusiasm and rejection, have won numerous awards and are hosted in the most important theatres of the region and international festivals.

Odio la verità has become a real cult in Croatia. It recounts the autobiographical events of Frljić’s family.
However, in interpreting the events, the actors-members of the family (including the actor who plays Oliver himself, son and author of the play at the same time) discover how different their memories of the common past are and, in a continuous meta-theatrical game between “the inside” and “the outside”, question the possibility of representing the real events and keep asking themselves what is “true” and what is not.

Odio la verità is the second appointment of PLAY-K(ei) Europe, the special route that PLAY-K(ei) dedicates to Europe, this year in particular to the Balkans and to the entry of Croatia in the EU.

Odio la verità trailer

Mala Kline (SLO)

in collaboration with DANAE FESTIVAL
under the patronage of the Consulate General of the Republic of Slovenia in Milan

idea, texts, creation and performance Mala Kline 
space, costumes and lighting Petra Veber
music Alen and Nenad Sinkauz (East Rodeo) 
musical arrangements Luka Ropret
live music Sašo Kalan in Luka Ropret sound design & feedback Sašo Kalan 
technical director Zoran Grabarac
executive producer Ziga Predan
production Pekinpah/Kink Kong & E.P.I. center
co-production DasArts Amsterdam, Kino Šiška, Student Center Zagreb – Culture of Change – Theater &TD, Tanzquarter Wien, EN-KNAP / Španski borci
partners Narodni dom Maribor, SON:DA
with the support of modul-dance, Ministry of Culture RS, Ministry of Science, Culture and Sport RS, City of Ljubljana and with the support of Culture Programme of the European Union in the frame of modul-dance project.

Dancer, choreographer and performer of Slovenian origin, Mala Kline studied art and philosophy in Ljubljana, Amsterdam and New York and is one of the most interesting artistic figures in the Balkan region. Her work seeks the emotional representation of inner worlds and an authentic and disruptive relationship between performer and audience.
EDEN is not a paradise lost, it is not a place of peace and bliss. EDEN is a place of healing with a razor blade, an elsewhere in which to find oneself, awake and open, exposed to the beauty and cruelty of events. Mala Kline dances, sings, acts; she interprets multiple figures, animals, emotions with a rare strength, an original and entirely personal ability to convey what she defines as “the human essence” with authenticity, sincerity and brilliant irony.

In this second edition, PLAY-K(ei) looks at Europe and gives life to PLAY-Europe, a special journey within the season dedicated this year entirely to the Balkans and Croatia’s entry into the EU.


EDEN trailer

Cesare Malfatti

“Una mia distrazione’, the latest work by Cesare Malfatti, is presented for the first time at ZONA K with all the musicians who took part in the project.

music Cesare Malfatti
lyrics Luca Lezziero and Vincenzo Costantino
voice and guitar Cesare Malfatti
piano Antonio Zambrini
double bass Matteo Zucconi
drums Riccardo Frisari
violin Vincenzo Di Silvestro
second voice Stefania Giarlotta

After releasing more than 20 albums as La Crus, The Dining Rooms, NOOrda and Sem’bro, in 2011 Cesare Malfatti signed his first album under his own name, with lyrics by Alessandro Cremonesi, in which he sang,
played all the instruments, and produced a CD personally printed, stitched and made out to those who requested it.

Now he has decided to tinge his new work with Jazz Una mia distrazione (Adesiva Discografica 2013, artistic co-production Paolo Iafelice), by calling on the Milanese pianist and composer Antonio Zambrini, a real treasure of our music, to play alongside him.
The result is an airy work, with a wide melodic range, but less usual than his previous experience as a soloist.
A real “happy distraction” in Malfatti’s career.

The evening marks the opening of the new interdisciplinary season PLAY-K(ei) 2013-2014.
On this occasion the first numbered copies of the album will be available for purchase.

Admission 10.00 €.
Book now, places are limited!

During the show-concert, ZONA K will be dressed with video installations by guest companies in the new PLAY-K(ei) season: Codice Ivan, inQuanto teatro, Dehor/Audelà, Cascina Barà, Luca Camilletti and other beautiful surprises in preview.

Una mia distrazione trailer