8 - 9 May 2016
h. 21.00

“I am the eyes of the city rolling towards the borders of the world,” from Loretta Mesiti’s La Radice.

Absolute Beginners is a philosophical-visionary meditation on borders, identity, politics, physical, linguistic, in tension towards their dissolution. In this fading of borders, languages, biographies and personal histories, once the ties of belonging to a presumed original homeland have been dissolved, mingle and take on a new sense, a new sound, and it is here that the profile of a new possible geography appears. In an era like ours, in which we tend to understand ourselves more and more as heirs and posthumous, is the desire to live and think of our existence as a beginning still present? Slipping out of the warmth of the den. Abandoning the ease, the abundance, the quiet security of the organic and organised path received as an inheritance, for a path that is disorganised, insecure, probably incoherent, made up of going back and forth, interrupted attempts.

Absolute Beginners is the first movement of the project avVento – Geographies and Identities to come – a systemic and polysemic work, an attempt to write a postmodern foundation myth, born from a sense of disorientation, extraneousness with respect to the historical-social-geographical-identitary present we live in. Strangers therefore to ourselves and to the world, we have no choice but to imagine a new foundation, from the origin to the trace, from its vision to its fulfilment.



a collective creation by TeatrInGestAzione; scenic itineraries Gesualdi / Trono; dramaturgic itineraries Loretta Mesiti; with Giovanni Trono, Alessia Mete, Marzia Macedonio, Laura Russo; with the support of PROGETTO DE.MO. /MOVIN’UP 2011 by the Ministry for the Cultural Heritage and Activities – Directorate General for the Landscape, Fine Arts, Architecture and Contemporary Art and GAI – Association for the Circuit of Young Italian Artists; Insitut für Theater, Film und Medienwissenschaf der Goethe Universität (Frankfurt am Main); Hessische Theaterakademie (Hessian Theatre Academy); Tanz der Künste; Frankfurt LAB (Frankfurt am Main)




TeatrInGestAzione, based in Naples, is an intersubjective creative organism in constant poetic revolution. It produces works with a strong visual impact. It pursues an aesthetic based on the rigour of presence, the sobriety of elements and the essential use of space. His work stems from the need to separate the act of performance from the spectacular context, and to qualify the stage as the seat of an experimental sociality. A guest at national and international exhibitions and festivals, her work has been received, among others, by the Institut für Theater-Film und Medienwissenschaft-Goethe Universität in Frankfurt am Main (Germany) 2011; Ella Fiskum Danz R.E.D. – Eina (Norway) 2013; APACHE season two – Milan 2015; Italian Performance Platform/Ipercorpo – Forlì 2014; Trasparenze Festival – Modena 2014; Testimonianze Ricerca Azioni, Teatro Akropolis – Genoa 2014 and 2015; Finestre sul Giovane Teatro, Teatro Ridotto – Bologna, 2013; Napoli Teatro Festival Italia – Naples, 2010; E'(C)CENTRICO – Turin 2011 and 2013; Presente/Futuro 2011 – Palermo; Benevento Città Spettacolo – Benevento, 2008. In 2011 he won the DE.MO./ Movin’UP award in support of the circulation of emerging Italian talents in the world (GAI and MiBAC). 

His artistic and pedagogical experience is collected in several degree theses and in the volumes “Testimonianze Ricerca Azioni” ed. AkropolisLibri 2014; “Il tempo a Napoli” by Piermario Vescovo, Ed. Marsilio 2011. In 2006 he inaugurated the theatrical project (didactic and creative) developed in the Judicial Asylum of Aversa, addressed to its inmates, based on an activity of expressive awakening and search for spaces of human dignity, which currently continues with the inmates of the Prison of Naples Poggioreale. In 2011 he was one of the founding members of the National Coordination of Theatre in Prison. Since 2011 he has been the creator and curator of Altofest – International Contemporary Live Arts Festival (altofest.net).

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