Arosio/Boscaro e
Teatro Utile/ Mascherenere


May 6, 2016 h. 19.30

The body, the media, towards a transnational identity
Two companies meet for a project on the theme of identity.

The artistic duo Ariosio/Boscaro and the company Teatro Utile/Mascherenere accept ZONA K’s invitation to collaborate in a research project on intercultural issues.

Ariosio/Boscaro provide Focus Identity with their research programme Per un Novissimo Bestiario, whose aim is the definition of a bestiary dedicated to the “symbolic beings” of the contemporary world and their skills in contact and videomapping.
Teatro Utile/Mascherenere offers its performers and its experience in intercultural work.

The research path will be divided into three stages.
The first one will be dedicated to the research on the cultural background of performers, dancers and actors of non-Italian cultural origin. A collection, through interviews and workshop sessions, of personal stories, traditional tales, images and visions, bodily memories. The narrative and iconographic materials collected in this way will be reworked into a textual, video and/or scenic dramaturgy, which will provide the backbone for the subsequent work with dancers and performers.
The second stage will be dedicated to the encounter between the bodies of the dancers and the projection of the video images resulting from the previous research. What happens when the scene is made up of immaterial elements, such as the projection of images and videos? What are the demands that this type of scene makes on the bodies that pass through and act on it? The physical scores will be aimed at the creation of collective or multiple bodies, so that they can become shaped screens capable of giving light to the appearance of imaginary beings born from the visions of the non-Italian participants.
The last stage of the workshop will involve a return in scenic or installation form during the Identity Focus and the creation of an online platform that will become a constantly updated archive of the research process. This platform will make it possible to strengthen the work at a distance, and will be the place where all the materials collected will converge, concretely increasing the possibilities of authorial participation.


Fedra Boscaro is a multi-disciplinary artist who has alchemically fused different languages and paths in her profile and research. After an initial journey into the visual arts (photography, design and lighting installation), she recognised the theatre scene as the natural place for her artistic research. After graduating from the Alessandra Galante Garrone School of Theatre in Bologna, in 2003 she attended Arnaldo Picchi’s permanent workshop at the DAMS in Bologna, where she also graduated with a thesis in Documentary Cinematography on Participatory Video. She continues part of her activities as an actress (including No-Signal of Teatrino Clandestino) and contemporary dancer (with Anna Albertarelli and Silvia Traversi, among others). In 2006, she founded a performance research group, Ipazia, creating the stage play La casa di Asterione (semi-finals of the Premio Scenario) and the series of multimedia and performance installations Cables#, which together will become the first chapter of the research programme Per un Novissimo Bestiario (2007-2021). Since 2010 he has been involved in the creation and management of Æliamedia, a project that won the first edition of the International Award for Participatory Art, promoted by the Legislative Assembly of the Emilia-Romagna Region.

Tommaso Arosio, after a degree at DAMS (Cinema) in Bologna and a long training in the field of theatre with Arnaldo Picchi, specialises as a video researcher, taking care of the creation of scenic images for shows, large cultural and commercial events, and also dealing with the technical set-up and programming. With the group H.Blumaverde, he devotes himself to the production of installations, performances and workshops dedicated to live video setting and interaction. In 2006 he is among the founders of Areaodeon association in Monza, dedicated to the production of public art initiatives, with which he collaborates since 2011 to the technical and artistic realization of the visual arts festival Kernel (architectural mapping section). Since 2007 he has been working as a freelancer, devoting himself mainly to the design and processing of scenic images, and collaborates with other authors and various promotion agencies.

for Arosio/Boscaro pic by Francesco Burlando

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