A report in the form of a concert on Giusi Nicolini, Mayor of Lampedusa until June 2017, and the exercise of power on the island of landings and turtles, a place that has become an emblem of the border, a showcase for the representation of European policies. Of the hand that heals and the hand that strikes. His defeat at the last elections inspired dozens of articles in the newspapers and thousands of comments on the web. In Isola e Sogna, Ateliersi poetically confronts the prospects of this change, starting with the semantic shifts produced by Nicolini in her five years as mayor.

On the island, local opposing factions coexist, not without difficulty, on a human level, geopolitical contrasts linked to colonialism, events, contemporary imagery and the desire to pursue a life of fishing, tourism and peaceful hospitality.

“Everything suggests that Lampedusa is a lit brazier. / That talking about Giusi Nicolini in Lampedusa is now unseemly.”

Isola e sogna brings to the stage the heated words of the inhabitants of Lampedusa, of Giusi Nicolini*, of those who described her and those who described her island; and makes it a matter of rhythm, timbre and opposing senses.

* Valuable among the sources, the book/interview with Marta Bellingreri Lampedusa. Conversazioni su isole, politica, migranti (Edizioni Gruppo Abele, Turin, 2013).


by and with Fiorenza Menni and Andrea Mochi Sismondi and with Giorgia Sangineto and Marco Mochi Sismondi music by Vittoria Burattini (percussion), Mauro Sommavilla (electronics, guitar) and Vincenzo Scorza (electronics) sound by Vincenzo Scorza technical direction Giovanni Brunetto administration and organisation Elisa Marchese planning and communication Tihana Maravic


Ateliersi is an artistic production collective working in the field of performing arts and theatre. It deals with artistic creation and the cultural programming of Atelier Sì in Bologna. Ateliersi’s creations are made up of theatrical works and artistic interventions in which the performative gesture enters into an organic dialogue with anthropology, literature, musical production and the visual arts in order to encourage a communication of thought capable of intercepting anxieties and perspectives that coagulate meaning around the subversions manifested in the world.