Andy Field (GB)

“A one-to-one meeting with a view of the city”.

Created in collaboration with a local school, Lookout is a one-to-one meeting between an adult, from the audience, and a child. An exchange between two people, who might not normally meet, that takes place on top of a building in Milan where together they look down on the city and imagine the future.
The conversation they share is a quiet journey through the past, present and future guided by the streets and landmarks laid out in front of them.
Through dreams of utopian architecture and possible catastrophes, hopes and fears, fashions of the future, proposed demolitions and real and imagined advances, they explore two very different versions of the city they both live in.

Lookout is an attempt to consider the big questions in a small way, to rediscover with a different gaze our Milan that we normally call home.
This version was developed through a workshop with the pupils of the third grade class of the I.C. Vittorio Locchi in Milan, who take part in the performance.

So far Lookout has been presented in: England, New Zealand, Egypt, Lithuania, Estonia, China, Shanghai, Vancouver. This version has been developed through a workshop with the fourth grade students of I.C. Vittorio Locchi in Milan who take part in the performance.


A project ZONA K and STANZE

c/o covered terrace Best Western Hotel Blaise & Francis, Via Enrico Annibale Butti, 9 (Dergano district).


Concept Andy Field Production Beckie Darlington Music and sound Tom Parkinson Dramaturgy Sybille Peters With the extraordinary participation of Class IVB I.C. Vittorio Locchi via Passerini: FRANCESCO, YAMAL, CRISTIAN, OLIVIA, DAVIDE C., DAVIDE D., ARAME, ADAM, RAHUL, KSENIA, MATTEO, ALESSANDRA, ANNA, LEONARDO, SABRINA, FEDERICO, BRIANA, VICTOR


Andy Field is an artist, writer and art curator based in London. He creates projects that aim to consider our relationships both with the spaces we inhabit and the people around us. He works primarily with children and young people. He has created interactive projects for families at the Natural History Museum in London, the Southbank Centre and the Arnolfini Gallery in Bristol. He is co-director of the Forest Fringe and writes for The Guardian and The Stage and Contemporary Theatre Review.



Agrupación Señor Serrano

From the leading group of the Catalan scene, Silver Lion at the 2015 Venice Biennale.

Katastrophe is a contemporary fable about ecology and man-made disasters, skilfully told with video, irony and pop ideas. On stage are four performers, eleven scale models and hundreds of gummy bears that suffer earthquakes, oil spills, wars and other disasters.

ZONA K therefore proposes the Sunday afternoon repetition of the play, also designed for families.



The show is wordless, with small text projections in Italian.
Suitable for an audience of children* aged 7+, teenagers and adults.

Conceived by Àlex Serrano and Pau Palacios; performance Àlex Serrano, Diego Anido, Jordi Soler and Pau Palacios; project manager Barbara Bloin; a production Agrupación Señor Serrano and Festival Hybrides de Montpellier; with the support of INAEM;


inQuanto teatro

PREMIO SCENARIO INFANZIA 2010 | spettacolo finalista


con Floor Robert, Giacomo Bogani, Andrea Falcone
drammaturgia Andrea Falcone
luci e audio Giulia Broggi
in collaborazione con Kinkaleri e La Piccionaia – I Carrara


Oltre le diversità del mondo presente, oltre la distanza del tempo, abbiamo cercato una storia capace di unire bambini e adulti, nonostante le loro differenze; abbiamo ritrovato il primo uomo, la prima donna, in un mondo senza tempo, dove tutto è ancora possibile. Seguendo le loro avventure attraverso le tradizioni, i racconti greci e latini, arabi, ebrei e slavi, ci siamo incamminati nei territori dell’immaginazione. Quello che abbiamo visto è un mito rinato che ancora può essere scoperto, vissuto e reinventato. Il nostro desiderio è quello di accompagnarci, insieme ai bambini, verso questa storia e ritrovare un posto dove le suggestioni della tradizione e le possibilità del presente possano vivere insieme, mescolarsi, giocare. Questa storia è la più vecchia e allo stesso tempo la più nuova: parla dell’inizio. Oggi può iniziare ancora. Il futuro, infatti, è tutto da scrivere.


La giornata continua con
Rebirth-Day e il Terzo Paradiso