Compagnia Gorsciaskji

the evening continues with Salomè ha perso il lume

dramaturgy by Anna Schirru
directed by Anna Schirru
with Maria Gorini and Caterina Sciariada


Two sisters live their daily dystopia.

They distort natural Time and Space to create a microcosm that is theirs alone, regulated by a decalogue that marks their lives and that they have inherited, just as one inherits eye colour.

To maintain this balance they use the only strategy they know: play, the only moment of authenticity. A child’s game that becomes an opportunity to give free rein to adult, violent and turbid impulses, impulses that would otherwise be constantly silenced. If you want to survive, all you can do is keep quiet: swallow and pretend nothing is happening.

We have created a surreal and perverse but perfect balance.


The Gorsciaskji Company was founded in November 2011 by three young actresses: Anna Schirru, Maria Gorini and Caterina Sciariada. The three girls, one from Milan, one from Rome and one from Cagliari, met at the propaedeutic acting course at the Paolo Grassi School of Dramatic Art and chose Milan as the base for the company. With a similar vision of theatre and aesthetic taste, they embarked on a journey during which the physiognomy of the company was outlined. Ingoia e fai finta di niente is their first work.


PLAY K(ei) is also 0-99