Gob Squad (DE/UK)

A ZONA K project in collaboration with Triennale Teatro dell’Arte.

Overwhelming, involving, noisy, Revolution Now! dusts off from the past the revolutionary moments decisive for humanity with which the public, as in history, will have to get involved. Because for one evening it will be “all or nothing”.

“A magnificent, courageous and epic theatrical experience.”
The Guardian

Gob Squad, the most provocative British-German collective of the moment, exponents of a theatre that challenges representation and the public and transfers them directly into the “temples” of urban life, has decided to stage at least one of them and transform the theatre into the bubbling headquarters of a group of revolutionaries, connected live to the channel of a small TV station that broadcasts non-stop proclamations, manifestos and songs of revolt.


Is it time for a revolution? Aren’t our lives a little too comfortable? Are we ready to sacrifice them for the cause?
It is certain that the word ‘revolutionary’ has lost its meaning since it became glamour, a label for selling practically anything, from rock stars to sanitary towels.


Played in English, with scenic translation in Italian
c/o Triennale Teatro dell’Arte – viale Alemagna, 6


conception and interpretation Johanna Freiburg, Sean Patten, Sharon Smith, Berit Stumpf, Sarah Thom, Laura Tonke, Bastian Trost, Simon Will live music and arrangements Christopher Uhe, Masha Qrella video Miles Chalcraft, Kathrin Krottenthaler sound Jeff McGrory technical direction Chris Umney costumes Pieter Bax dramaturgy and executive production Christina Runge dramaturgical consultants Aenne Quiñones, Götz Leineweber artistic assistants Milena Kipfmüller, Tina Pfurr interns Hannah Senft, Florian Wessels Gob Squad Management Eva Hartmann tour management Mat Hand production Gob Squad co-produced Donaufestival Niederösterreich, Schauspiel Köln and Volksbühne am Rosa-Luxemburg-Platz with the support of Berliner Kulturverwaltung photos Thomas Aurin
* extraordinary participation of Marco Cavalcoli (Fanny & Alexander) for the Italian version



Gob Squad is a seven-headed monster, an artistic collective with seven leaders. It has a schizophrenic identity: two nations and two languages. For over 20 years Gob Squad has been searching for a new way to combine media and performance, producing performances, video installations, radio plays, films and urban interventions. Gob Squad was founded in 1994, while its members were still at Nottingham Trent University and Giessen. Berlin has been the creative home of the group since 1999. Its members are: Johanna Freiburg, Sean Patten, Sharon Smith, Berit Stumpf, Sarah Thom, Bastian Trost and Simon Will. Other artists are invited to collaborate on particular projects. Their productions have been performed all over the world: Super Night Shot (2003), Gob Squad’s Kitchen (2007, winner of New York’s Drama Desk Award 2012), Saving The World (2008, winner of the Goethe Preis at the Impulse Festival), Before Your Very Eyes (2011), Western Society (2013) and the most recent War And Peace (2016).

inQuanto teatro

The evening begins with LOLA POLIO. Poemetto borderline

with Floor Robert, Giacomo Bogani, Andrea Falcone, Francesco Michele Laterza
lyrics Andrea Falcone
musical project Giacomo Bogani
lighting design and technique Giulia Broggi
stylistic consultancy Maria Sole Vannetti
production inQuanto teatro
co-production Operaestate Festival Veneto
in collaboration with Kinkaleri, La Piccionaia
nil admirari | jury mention Premio Scenario 2011

Nil admirari is a research project started at the beginning of 2011. The project, presented at the Final of Premio Scenario, was awarded with the Special Mention of the Jury. “For the wit of a scenic game that involves the audience with intelligence and irony and for the creation of an original language that invents a parallel world populated by objects and governed by accumulation and non-sense”.

AD 2012 is a work about time, built on discrepancies and analogies between old and new gestures and discourses. It is a work against time. We respect every version of the facts based on a before, a now and an after, but that is not what interests us. We seek an awareness: where are we?

AD 2012 is a work out of time, bringing together characters from Sacred Representations and passages of recitar cantando with ephemeral scenes and artificial landscapes, with everyday objects that we cannot find normal. In contradiction, in error, that is where we find ourselves. This is a human portrait, perhaps that of a generation, more certainly that of a genre of people: romantics, one might say. In love with the elsewhere and the otherwise. Time has passed, we are told, but it is not true: time remains, it is we who are leaving.

inQuanto teatro is an artistic collective founded in 2010 in Florence by Andrea Falcone, Floor Robert and Giacomo Bogani. Part of a wider network of links and unions, extended in space and time, inQuanto teatro collaborates or has collaborated with Giulia Broggi (performance, graphics, video editing), Matteo Balbo (performance, graphics), Susanna Stigler (photography), Duccio Mauro (photography), Maria Sole Vannetti (costumes) and Francesco Michele Laterza (performance). Currently, inQuanto teatro is part of Officina Teatro, a project of Operaestate Festival Veneto for young companies, and receives the support of Kinkaleri and La Piccionaia – I Carrara, Teatro Stabile d’Innovazione di Vicenza. inQuanto teatro is a network of tense connections and understandings in the artistic field; a knitting with many hands, reusing plots and shreds from another time to weave the text of tomorrow.


PLAY K(ei) is also 0-99