Muna Mussie (IT)

If I close my eyes and try to define my image, what do I see? A blind mirror, a longing. Nobody is the owner of their own image because this implies a co-relation. What is immediate – my body, my image – is distant from me. With the study Curva Cieca Muna Mussie represents this longing with Filmon Yemane, who has been blind since the age of twelve. The research employs knowledge and sensitivity starting from discovering the mother tongue in a dialogue between words, their signs, and their meaning. On stage, Filmon’s voice holds small lectures on the Tigrinya language, with the aid of images taken from an alphabet book. The performer’s body goes towards the sinuosity of this alphabet in a sort of dynamic mimesis that attempts to cross signs and incorporate them to extract a different meaning.



Info: performance – duration 30 min. – in Italian with English subtitles

Tickets: full price 15,00 euro – reduced price 10,00 euro (under 26/over 65)

ZONA K membership card compulsory 2 euros, apply now


with Muna Mussie and words by Filmon Yemane video editing Lino Greco production Short Theatre, ZONA K, Santarcangelo Festival, Spazio Kor, City of Ebla with the support of Xing with the support of Fondazione Nuovi Mecenati and Teatro di Roma – Teatro Nazionale

**Performance included in “IntercettAzioni” – Centro di Residenza Artistica della Lombardia: a project by Circuito CLAPS and ZONA K, Industria Scenica, Milano Musica, Teatro delle Moire, with the contribution of Regione Lombardia, MiBACT and Fondazione Cariplo.


Muna Mussie is an Eritrean artist based in Bologna. Her research investigates scenic languages in order to shape the tensions that originate from different expressive poles. Her performances have been hosted by numerous festivals and institutions such as Art Fall/PAC Ferrara, Raum and Live Arts Week Bologna, Museo Marino Marini Firenze, Fondazione Sandretto Re Rebaudengo, Museion Bolzano, Rue d’Alger Manifesta 13 Marsiglia, Workspace Brussels, MAMbo Bologna, Màntica Cesena.

Filmon Yemane has been living in Bologna since 2008 and holds a degree in International and Diplomatic Sciences. He also took part in several cultural activities and artistic projects, such as a docu-film with the ZimmerFrei collective within the project Atlas of Transitions.

Corps Citoyen (IT/TN)

You don’t need to be a voice for a voiceless. Just pass the mic. Su’ad Abdul Khabeer

An audition.
An actor alone in a western scene. Rehearsing, singing, training.
He rehearses the role of the hero.
But the role is not written for him.

GLI ALTRI لخرین , is an acid dialogue, a light and ironic work on the perception of the Other, a revealed scenic device that moves in a hybrid territory: banal, vulgar and direct images and songs alternate with stories rooted deep in our western mentality and identity.

In a subtle balance between fiction and reality, GLI ALTRI لخرین exposes the power device underlying the Orientalist representation of the Other, starting from the representation par excellence, the stage fiction. An off-screen voice comments, gives instructions, reminds us of the limits and modalities of its presentation in front of us, the audience, the primary recipient of the representation and an integral part of the game.

In a succession of auditions crossing different spectacular genres, from cinema to docu-fiction, passing through classical theatre and advertising, GLI ALTRI لخرین wants to reveal the colonial paternalism hidden in disguise and at the same time reaffirm the right to its necessary presence on stage.


Info: performance – duration 45 min. – in Italian and Tunisian language with English subtitles

tickets 15 euro – reduced 10 euro (students/ under 26/over 65)

ZONA K membership card compulsory 2 euros, apply now


With Rabii Brahim, Marko Bukaqeja, Anja Dimitrijevic Voice-off Marko Bukaqeja, Carmelo Crusafulli, Anja Dimitrijevic, Giacomo Martini, Anna Serlenga, Chiara Stoppa, Ilaria Zanotti Performers on video Wassim Ghrioui, Alesa Herero, Nidhal S’hili, Nour Zrafi Scenic space Manuel D’Onofrio and Paola Villani Lights and video Manuel D’Onofrio Dramaturgy Bruna Bonanno Costumes Salah Barka Cultural advisor Viviana Gravano Organisation and promotion Vittoria Lombardi / cultureandprojects Set photos Luca Centola, Matteo Ceschi, Federico Garibaldi Direction Anna Serlenga With the support of IntercettAzioni – Centro di Residenza Artistica della Lombardia, mare culturale urbano/ Qui e Ora residenza teatrale / COX 18 Crowdfounders Roberta Bruzzechesse, Ferdinando Brunetti, Giada Cipollone, Aurora Diotti, Chiara Giubilaro, Erica Grossi, Virginia Martinez Ojosnegros, Anna Kasten, Marta Paoletti, Letizia Paoletti, Carla Tulipano

**Performance included in “IntercettAzioni” – Centro di Residenza Artistica della Lombardia: a project by Circuito CLAPS and ZONA K, Industria Scenica, Milano Musica, Teatro delle Moire, with the contribution of Regione Lombardia, MiBACT and Fondazione Cariplo**.


Corps Citoyen is a multidisciplinary artistic collective based in Tunis and Milan. The collective’s practice is composed of different disciplinary tools (dance, theatre, poetry, video, animation, writing and anthropological research) to create new contemporary narratives. The aim of the group is to strengthen the values of citizenship through artistic practice, training, research and the active participation of civil society in order to promote political and social change. Corps Citoyen because the main objective of the group is to activate social reflection through the expressive potential of art and the body in particular, the territory of a biopolitical battle and space for creative resistance.


Digital Residencies Week

The Digital Residencies project was born in 2020 from an idea of the Centro di Residenza della Toscana (Armunia, CapoTrave/Kilowatt), which since then has extended the partnership to Cooperativa Anghiari Dance Hub, Associazione Marchigiana Attività Teatrali AMAT, ATCL Associazione Teatrale dei Comuni del Lazio per Spazio Rossellini, Centro di Residenza dell’Emilia-Romagna (L’Arboreto – Teatro Dimora di Mondaino, La Corte Ospitale di Rubiera), Fondazione Luzzati Teatro della Tosse di Genova, Associazione ZONA K di Milano.
The aim is to stimulate performing arts artists to explore the digital space, as a further or different declination of their authorial research.

After a year of work carried out in close contact with the project tutors, Laura Gemini, Anna Maria Monteverdi and Federica Patti, experts in digital creation, during this week, the artists open their creative process to the audience.




Online ticket office soon available.

Guinea Pigs (IT)

The #nuovipoveri show by the young Milanese company Guinea Pigs is a multi-disciplinary research path that investigates the relation between economy and society, self-perception, representation and self-narration of wealth and poverty. Istat speaks of 5 million poor people out of a population that exceeds 42 million inhabitants: the poor exceed 11% of the total population. There are the absolute poor who cannot face a minimum expenditure necessary to purchase basic necessities and services and the relative poor who live with an average monthly expenditure equal to or less than € 667.05. So Istat says that a poor person is someone who can’t meet the minimum consumption standards, who can’t spend money because he doesn’t have enough.

The Treccani dictionary defines a poor person as “the one who has scarce economic means, who lacks the necessary money and all that money can procure”, etymologically “the one who produces little”. #nuovipoveri is a project about money and its contradictions, about the power it has to change the balance and relationship dynamics, about how days are spent, the happiness of families and the construction of the identity of an entire society. Poverty of means and resources, of relationships, of ideas and knowledge, of concrete possibilities in imagining one’s own present and a possible future. Who are the new poor nowadays? How do they describe themselves? To society? And again how do they describe their society? And how much is true in this self-narration?



c/o ZONA K

Info: show • duration 80 min. • in Italian

2021 membership card compulsory, APPLY NOW

Ticket office online only:
full € 15.00  – reduced € 10.00 (students / under 26 / over 65)



by and with: Letizia Bravi and Marco De Francesca, playwriting: Giulia Tollis, video: Julian Soardi sound design: Gianluca Agostini, set design: Stefano Zullo, light design: Martino Minzoni, direction: Riccardo Mallus, production: Ecate, in collaboration with Guinea Pigs, with support of ZONA K and Next – Laboratorio delle idee per la produzione e distribuzione dello Spettacolo dal Vivo Lombardo – Edition 2019/2020 and the support of Teatro delle Moire. Thanks to Il Magazzino of Antonio Mingarelli


***A performative action included in “IntercettAzioni” Centro di Residenza Artistica della Lombardia: a project of Circuito CLAPS and Industria Scenica, Milano Musica, Teatro delle Moire, ZONA K, with support of the Regione Lombardia, MIC and Fondazione Cariplo***


Guinea Pigs was created in 2014 in Milan. The first artistic project was the show Acts of War (2016). In 2017, in collaboration with the Out Off Theatre in Milan, they produced the show Casca la terra by Fabio Chiriatti, with whom they won the Siae Sillumina 2016 call for proposals. Also in 2017, they start the research path and creation of site specific projects between installation and performance In struggle with reality. The first stage, Sovra/Esposizioni, will be presented during the IT Festival. The second stage, Is the future a trap?, is co-produced by the Castel dei Mondi Festival and sees the collaboration of Guinea Pigs with the Equilibrio Dinamico Dance Company and Anelo1997 lab of architecture and roman sculpture. In 2019, in collaboration with Museocity, they carried out theatrical and performative activities within various museums in Milan as part of the AMUSE project of the Cariplo Foundation.