1 -2 December 2023 h. 17:00

video installation
free participation
c/o The D!alma – urban creative yard
Via Claudio Monteverdi, 117 – La Spezia

After its debut at Sarzana’s Teatro degli Impavidi in 2022, ZONA K offers in installation form the important work of investigation and involvement of ordinary people carried out with the production We are nothing, we will be everything.

Interviews, footage, and audio that photograph a complex labor today, made up of strong generational gaps, missed expectations, achievements, and the desire to participate. An online archive of the world of work today, starting with the testimonies of the first workers in La Spezia and Sarzana involved and growing for each square the show touches.

An immersive journey into one of the most pressing issues for everyone’s present and future.

a project by ZONA K curated by Fabio Cherstich content and direction of the show of the same name Alessandro Renda editing and visual effect video Francesco Tedde and Alessandro Tedde (Anthropotopia)
The project is produced with the support of Fondazione Compagnia di San Paolo as part of Art Waves Contemporary Culture Productions.

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