Annalisa Piras and Bill Emmott (IT/UK)


16 November 2017 h. 20.30

Documentary, winner of the prestigious 2016 Civis Media Award, awarded by the President of Germany for Best European Information.

A plane, in the midst of severe turbulence, tries to land in various European capitals but no airport gives permission. The old continent fell into total chaos. On board the plane, an elderly passenger tells an unsuspecting girl about a failed Europe.

Fiction, reality or premonition?


The documentary film directed by filmmaker, journalist and director of the Wake Up Foundation Annalisa Piras and produced by Bill Emmott (former editor of the Economist and President of The London Library and the Wake Up Foundation) shows a dystopian future in which the European Union no longer exists. Everything is portrayed in a lucid and straightforward way, from the rise of nationalism to seven years of economic crisis and growing dissatisfaction with democracy.

The stories told by five citizens from five EU countries make the whole thing true.

In English with Italian subtitles 

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