Mammalian Diving Reflex
Darren O’Donnell (CA)



“You do not have to answer”


In this performance, 8 teenagers will pose questions to famous public figures of the city (politicians, intellectuals, artists) on their juvenile mischief and wrongdoings. The teens can ask any type of question and those questioned can refuse to answer.

For the FIRST NIGHT, the guests will be:  Lorenzo Piccolo (Nina’s Drag Queens), NERONEIra Rubini di Radio Popolare and Andrée Ruth Shammah (Teatro Franco Parenti).

The canadian group works towards the break down of the generational gap in a direct and non conventional wat. The two groups will see if they are able to connect, even if its only with their fingertips, and together they will have a very sincere discussion on three of the most confusing arguments in the universe: sex, drugs and criminality.


c/o ZONA K, via Spalato 11, 20124 Milano
In Italian – Duration 90 min. 




Ideazione e regia: Darren O’Donnell. Co-regia: Tina Fance, Kiera O’Brien, Virginia Antonipillai, Sanjay Ratnan. Produzione esecutiva: Eva Verity, Tina Fance. Produzione: ZONA K. Photo: Martin-Steffen. 
Questa presentazione di Teentalitarianism è resa possibile in parte grazie al supporto del Canada Council for the Arts e dell’Ontario Arts Council.