Volksbuhne Berlin (DE)

Due to technical problems, the video version of the show has been cancelled.


The video version of a cult show in the history of German theatre, which was part of the permanent repertoire of the Berlin Volksbühne for 14 years.

In 1993, the work by the then little-known Christoph Marthaler – which takes its title from “Indian Song” by the poet Paul Scheerbart (meaning something like “Do away with the European! Do away with him! Do away with him!”) – succeeded in capturing the profound sense of the decline of the GDR: the fatality, the absurdity, the waiting, the bureaucracy, the inscrutability. The description of an existential condition that has not aged with the years and has proved to be pregnant with meaning for the European citizen in general.

“Murx” is a play that contains all the distinctive elements of what later became Christoph Marthaler’s famous theatre. Anna Viebrock’s staging, the waiting room, the large wall clock with the inscription ‘so that time does not stand still’, which is missing some of the dropped letters, the people dressed in thin 1970s tracksuit jackets, the thick glasses, all brought back an imaginary world of the GDR that has never ceased to exist on stage and in people’s minds since.


Without words, only sung, duration 120 min


Direction: Christoph Marthaler; Set design and costumes: Anna Viebrock; Music: Jürg Kienberger, Christoph Marthaler; Dramaturgie: Matthias Lilienthal; Production: Volksbühne Berlin