inQuanto teatro

with Floor Robert, Giacomo Bogani, Andrea Falcone

EXTRA EVENT with aperitif: it will take place on the terrace of Isolacasateatro (via Jacopo Dal Verme 16 – Isola district, Milan), with the collaboration of Isolacasateatro.

V o l a r e v i a d a l m o n d o is an act of evasion conducted starting from the spaces we live in, which superimposes the flight of aviation legends on the reality we know, made up of stones and words. Even if our feet cannot leave the ground, perhaps our heads can.

An impossible alternative is still an alternative. And is it really impossible? We shall see. As Bacon wrote, impossible is a word that is used only for lack of imagination.

In case of bad weather, the evenings will be hosted by Isolacasateatro.