Participatory theatre play
At Cittadella Dei Giovani
Viale Giuseppe Garibaldi, 7, 11100 Aosta AO

info and bookings: 016535971 – info@cittadelladeigiovani.it

Does work really define who we are?
How well does it meet our expectations?
How much weight does it bear on our lives and on the choices we make?

A participatory performance on working men and women, a choir of instances and inquiries.

A public call, tens of workers which respond and a chorus. The “work” like fil rouge. Work as an aspiration, a forced choice, a source of sustenance, but most of all as a motor which derails trajectories, defines self esteem and personal beliefs, and which determines where and who with we spend most of or time. But does work truly define who we really are? How well does it meet out expectations? How much weight does it bare on our life and the choices we make? Does comprehending happiness or individual dissatisfactions help us evaluate collective wellbeing? The concatenation of stories becomes an investigative instrument to transform the collective experience into a shared narration, a hymn thought as a total art piece to re-hug a communities wish, and, through theatre, find new forms of representing reality. 

a ZONA K project, direction Alessandro Renda, scenic implant Fabio Cherstich, testo Riccardo Spagnulo, con Matteo Gatta. Alessandra Renda, i cittadini and the coro di Aosta, production ZONA K co-porduction Teatro delle Albe

The project is realised with the support of the Fondazione Compagnia di San Paolo in the scope of Art Waves Produzioni of contemporary culture and with the support of Fondazione Cariplo and the Comune di Milano
Alessandro Renda is an actor of the Teatro delle Albe di Ravenna and from 2001 he is a “guide” in the laboratories of the “non-scuola”, pratica teatral-pedagogica antiaccademica delle Albe, with different experiences in Italy and abroad.

Photos Alessandro Renda

Lola Arias (AR)

“Incredibly powerful” Independent

In this 2014 project Lola Arias explores the question of what it means to be a war veteran of the Malvinas/Falkland conflict.

The video installation is made up of five videos that tell the story of how those who became soldiers in 1982 at the age of 18 remember the conflict and how they feel like veterans today at the age of 50. Each of them reconstructs their experience in a place they live every day: a psychologist relives the explosion of a bomb in the psychiatric hospital where he works, a triathlon champion relives the death of his partner in a swimming pool where he trains every day…

All of them will relive their memories as if a time machine had brought their past back to the present day.


Concept and direction: Lola Arias With Argentine veterans of the Falklands War: Guillermo Dellepiane, Daniel Terzano, Marcelo Vallejo, Dario Volonté, Fabián Volonté Staging: Nele Wohlatz, Ignacio Masllorens Filming: Manuel Abramovich Camera: Manuel Abramovich, Ignacio Masllorens Sound: Francisco Pedemonte, Facundo Moreno Production: Sofía Medici, Luz Algranti Editing: Alejo Moguillansky Editing assistant: Nele Wohlatz Translation: Daniel Tunnard

TANK TALK – progetto per un’azione urbana collettiva
– videoinstallazione

Proiezione del video realizzato durante il workshop del 2-4 maggio.

TANK TALK si struttura in due momenti diversi:
1) una azione urbana, in cui un performer (o vari performer, soggetti agenti) esegue più volte, in luoghi diversi, in città diverse, la coreografia di Piazza Tienanmen;
2) una video installazione in cui viene mostrato il video girato durante l’esecuzione urbana, affiancato al video originale della protesta di Piazza Tienanmen.

L’obiettivo finale è quello di realizzare un video finale composto dai video registrati in un numero abbastanza alto di locations, da 50 a 100; locations possibilmente dislocate in paesaggi geografici e culturali molto diversi e distanti tra di loro.

Codice Ivan nasce nel 2008 dall’incontro di Anna Destefanis, Leonardo Mazzi e Benno Steinegger. Da subito il lavoro del gruppo si orienta principalmente verso le arti performative/teatrali ma avviando anche un percorso di ricerca rivolto all’utilizzo di formati diversi, come installazioni, video e mostre.

TANK TALK trailer