Collettivo Cascina Barà

based on an idea by Daniela Scarpari
written by Alessandra De Luca
adapted for the theatre and performed by Daniela Scarpari
visual direction and tag-tool idea Fupete
production, fabric diary composition and live drawing Alessio Trillini
composition and live music Lorenzo Declich (Lorf)
with the collaboration of Erika Gabbani (Nasonero)
vocalist Alessandra De Luca

Images and visions of a girl looking for her mother in a foreign country make up a show based on the interaction between acting, live drawing and live music. The three aspects, which are so intertwined that one cannot exist without the other, create a subtle balance that crosses theatrical action, improvisation and visual performance.
The projected images that make up the scenography are guided and animated by a live artist using a graphic tablet, ranging from simple signs to a certain degree of complexity. At the same time, the musician interacts through pre-recorded tracks and live acoustic interventions of bass and guitar.
A type of social theatre that investigates two orders of contemporary conflicts: the exclusion of the foreigner, which finds its drift in the annihilation of individuality, and the impossibility of fully understanding the other’s point of view within an intergenerational relationship, specifically that between mother and daughter.

The Collettivo Cascina Barà was formed in 2011 in Baraka (Pisan countryside). Everything came about by cause, not by chance. One day souls came together, an idea became a project, produced words, added movements, conveyed sounds, scattered drawings.

#Tessuto was born from a collective direction, a choral work on the text, a Collective based in the ideal space of Cascina Barà, a kind of island that is and is not.

#Tessuto trailer