A talk with Rimini Protokoll

Jörg Karrenbauer – choreographer of REMOTE MILANO – talks to critics, academics, students and the public about the work of RIMINI-PROTOKOLL – a German collective that has become a fundamental point of reference for the European theatrical and artistic avant-garde – and analyses the experience that led to the creation of REMOTE MILANO, an all-European look at our city.

With Renato Palazzi and Maddalena Giovannelli.

The political role of theatre according to tradition and according to a post-modern vision; the relationship with reality, the expert-actors, the relationship between artistic intervention and authenticity; the relationship with power and new technologies, in reality and in artistic work; the relationship established with the city in the creation of Remote Milano: these are some of the themes addressed during the meeting-debate.

In collaboration with the Department of Foreign Languages and Literatures, University of Milan

Address: University of Milan, via Festa del Perdono, 7 – AULA 422

Free entrance

Photo by David von Becker©


The Focus Germania is part of Milano Cuore d’Europa, the multidisciplinary cultural programming dedicated to the European identity of our city also through the figures and movements that, with their history and their artistic production, have contributed to build its European citizenship and cultural dimension.