La Fionda Teatro

A scherzo for two single actresses. Allegro ma non troppo.
On stage a Penelope and an Ulysses 

Ulysses does not eat fish, does not know how to swim, drinks, wants to go, but does not go.
Penelope eats fish, knows how to swim, drinks, doesn’t know where to go and doesn’t know where to stay.
Penelope and Ulysses have been living together for twenty years.
La Fionda Teatro celebrates its twentieth anniversary with one of the most famous couples of all time.

La Casa takes one of the oldest stories in the world, the Odyssey, to tell the life of a Penelope and an Ulysses, a couple on their twentieth anniversary. Two tiny heroes, taken from ancient Greece and catapulted into a house that has neither place nor time. In a minimalist and bare scene, two characters approach and recede in a pressing and repeated confrontation.

The text weaves and interweaves the story of the two protagonists with those of other characters from the Odyssey in a continuous passage between fiction and reality. Surreal, impossible, oneiric stories that have a life of their own and in the end have more truth than reality.

The show wants to give a delicate and ironic look on things, on the world, on us, human beings burdened by a ridiculous and tragic destiny, always in the balance between what we are and what we could be.
Dedicated to theatre and the power of imagination.

by and with Elisabetta Pogliani (Penelope) and Paola Zecca (Ulysses)
artistic collaboration Marta Bevilacqua (The Little Mermaid)
lights Fausto Bonvini (the Cyclops)
scene and costumes collaboration Giovanna Luè (the dog Argo)
production LA FIONDA TEATRO, with the support of ZONA K
thanks to Compagnia Arearea for the period of residence