Qui e Ora
Residenza Teatrale

with Francesca Albanese, Silvia Baldini, Laura Valli 
stage design Erica Sessa 
audio editing Diego Roveroni 
production Qui e Ora Residenza Teatrale

Three amorous fragments constructed from an encounter with contemporary author Tiziano Scarpa. An author whose writing provides an attentive and ironic look at the state of love today. Three lives caught in a crucial moment: having a child, moving, choosing whether to love. A theatrical script made up of images and actions, of thoughts that take on body and voice. The theatre enters private homes, enters everyday spaces for a close encounter between audience and stage action. The public enters the life of a person, his emotional world, his fears and desires.

An intense experience, a moment of strong sharing, then the lady of the house awaits new guests, we return to the world with a convivial moment of food, wine and talk about what we have just experienced.

c/o a private house in the Isola district of Milan

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