Codice Ivan

The exhibition with aperitif is followed by GMGS_What The Hell Is Happiness?

5 – 6 March from 10.00  to 18.00  Collection of materials (neighbourhood streets)
8 – 10 March from 16.00  Installation (at ZONA K)

A survey on the theme of happiness in the streets of the Isola neighbourhood, directly involving citizens who are asked to answer a “simple” question: How should we live?

On 5 and 6 March, Code Ivan will move between the market, the bars during lunch breaks and the evening aperitifs of Milan’s Isola district, to photograph those who want to have their say on what “happiness” means.

The photos will form an installation that can be visited in ZONA K and will be given as a gift to those who have had their photo taken (…they will also get a reduced ticket for the show!).

Do you want to be part of this operation? Be ready!