Ben Moor

Flip and George are a young couple about to get married. On the day after their engagement party, a mysterious cloud crosses our planet and upsets its destiny: every human being will have the opportunity to have the first three wishes come true. Dreams of glamour and fame replace the everyday greyness:
“The laid-off people got their jobs back. The blind began to see, the deaf to hear, the stutterers received the gift of eloquence, simple things became great, faded things bright. Reality appeared to you as it could have
and you could become the person you always wanted to be.
What will change in Flip and George’s lives as this strange cloud passes by?
What will they choose to wish for?
And will their desires bring them closer together, or push them away from each other?

Acclaimed at the 2001 Edinburgh Festival, Three Wishes is a comedy of irresistible humour, one of the most interesting examples of Ben Moor’s humorous and irreverent genius.

Bottega Rosenguild and Compagnia dei Demoni confirm with “Three Wishes” their interest in contemporary dramaturgy, joining together for the first time in a common project. Following a path already started respectively for Bottega Rosenguild with the show “Le Beatrici” by Stefano Benni and for Compagnia dei Demoni with “Shylock” by Gareth Armstrong, also in “Three Wishes” the author becomes an integral part of the creative process, assisting and collaborating in the staging of his text, and generating interesting short-circuits of different poetics and visions.
Thus, in his debut in Italy, Ben Moor will also be the artistic supervisor of this work that has been so successful in the UK and Europe.

The project “Three Wishes” won the 2014 L.A Petroni Arts Award promoted by Residenza Idra, which is also the production partner together with OffRome and Piefrancesco Pisani.

with Elisa Benedetta Marinoni and Mauro Parrinello
directed by Mauro Parrinello with the artistic supervision of Ben Moor
scenes and costumes Chiara Piccardo
lights Paolo Meglio
translation Elisa Benedetta Marinoni
organisation and distribution Francesca Montanino
a production
OffRome / Bottega Rosenguild / Pierfrancesco Pisani / Compagnia DeiDemoni
with the productive support of Residenza Idra


BEN MOOR is an award-winning British author and actor. He works for theatre, radio and television. Among his most performed works are the one-man show It Takes Forever If You Go By Inertia, A Supercollider For The Family and Coelacanth, acclaimed by critics and British audiences alike. Tre Desideri is Moor’s first play to be performed in Italy.

ELISA BENEDETTA MARINONI Graduated from the Civica Accademia d’Arte Drammatica in Udine and graduated in Theatre and Dramaturgy, she has worked in various Italian theatres and alongside Stefano Benni, Valerio Binasco and Veronica Pivetti, both as an actress and as assistant director. She has lent her voice to radio programmes and audio books. In 2010 she founded the collective Bottega Rosenguild, with which she embarked on a productive and artistic journey together with theatrical performers, musicians and writers. She is the female winner of the 2013 Gino Cervi Award.

MAURO PARRINELLO A former student of Michele Di Mauro and Leo Muscato, after graduating from the School of Acting of the Teatro Stabile in Genoa, he was directed by Valerio Binasco in Noccioline by Fausto Paravidino for the Teatro Eliseo in Rome. He acted in the film Giorni e nuvole by Silvio Soldini, in the sit-com Piloti for RaiDue and for RaiTre in Melevisione. He is the interpreter and director of numerous independent short films. He worked alongside Paolo Hendel in the long tour of Molière, without his knowledge. For the Compagnia DeiDemoni, he has directed numerous productions. In the same year he played in the monologue Shylock by Gareth Armstrong, produced by OffRome, and for the cinema in the short film Free-go, presented at the Ciak d’Oro 2013, and in the Swiss-Italian feature film Fuori Mira, directed by Erik Bernasconi, to be released in 2014.