Tolja Djokovic (IT)


c/o private houses

in collaboration with STANZE

A più voci (quaderno proibito) is a project that focuses on the relationship between female writing and creativity with the theme of the home and domestic work.  Tolja Djokovic responds to a request from the Periferico Festival in Modena to initiate a co-creation process starting from a reflection on art and the lives of women today. Three coordinates become the focus of the work: the first concerns research on literary sources: writers who have spoken of their writing as “domestic”, that is, women who have carried out their creative practice by juggling housework, and authors who have focused on the relationship between home and creativity. The second fundamental coordinate is the involvement of communities of non-professional women in theatre, who are eager to participate in a theatrical creation. The third coordinate concerns the performance venues: private houses that become the occasion to generate an encounter between those who live there, those who have written and those who watch.

A multitude of voices takes the form of a mini-series and is structured in five interconnected and self-contained episodes around women’s writing, the theme of home, domestic work and creativity.

After a debut at the Periferico Festival in October, the project arrives in Milan with the involvement of a group of women from the city.

A project by Tolja Djokovic With the participation of a group of women from Modena and Milan Production by E production, Periferico festival, ZONA K

Photo by the artist

Tolja Djokovic grew up in Rome but lives in Milan. She graduated in Philology and Italian Literature with a research thesis on reading aloud the poetic text, and has been working in theatre as an actress and author since 2009. In 2018 she participates in the International Dramaturg Masterclass of the Iolanda Gazzarro School of Theatre of ERT. In 2019 she founds the company tostacarusa for which she is dramaturg and director. In 2021 she participates in the writing of Per la città dolente, a Teatro Metastasio production, directed by Roberto Latini. In 2022 she is present at the Venice Theatre Biennale with the text En Abyme directed by Fabiana Iacozzilli. In 2023 he won the 57th Riccione Theatre Prize with the text Lucia camminava.

Qui e Ora
Residenza Teatrale

with Francesca Albanese, Silvia Baldini, Laura Valli 
stage design Erica Sessa 
audio editing Diego Roveroni 
production Qui e Ora Residenza Teatrale

Three amorous fragments constructed from an encounter with contemporary author Tiziano Scarpa. An author whose writing provides an attentive and ironic look at the state of love today. Three lives caught in a crucial moment: having a child, moving, choosing whether to love. A theatrical script made up of images and actions, of thoughts that take on body and voice. The theatre enters private homes, enters everyday spaces for a close encounter between audience and stage action. The public enters the life of a person, his emotional world, his fears and desires.

An intense experience, a moment of strong sharing, then the lady of the house awaits new guests, we return to the world with a convivial moment of food, wine and talk about what we have just experienced.

c/o a private house in the Isola district of Milan

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