ZONA K thanks you!

We would like to thank everyone who took part in the 2013/2014 PLAY-K(ei) season.

The 2013/2014 edition was even more extended and richer in events, marked by synergies with similar external realities, generating definitions such as “crossing over”.  ZONA K, with PLAY-K(ei) 13/14, has collaborated with Danae Festival and with the nearby Teatro del Buratto/TerzoPaesaggio; with Apache/Teatro Litta it has shared the care of two companies that have tackled the stages of both theatres. PLAY-K(ei) 13/14 also hosted a stage of the Festival Play With Food, by Cuochivolanti from Turin, as well as performances by the Qui e Ora and delleAli companies with whom ZONA K shares the important project on new audiences Coltivare Cultura, supported by the CARIPLO Foundation.

PLAY-K(ei) has chosen the motto WHERE ARE YOU? A question that makes concrete the horizon we are looking at: in which historical moment are we? What is happening far away from us, and not only within our borders?
The season was also marked by the building of bridges across borders: within PLAY-K(ei) there was a path dedicated to Europe and the current historical moment, this year all focused on the Balkans on the occasion of the entry of Croatia into the EU.

These are the guest companies in the second interdisciplinary season of PLAY-K(ei): Mala Kline, Oliver Frljic, Codice Ivan, inQuanto teatro, Dehors/Audelà, Cascina Barà, Luca Camilletti, Roberto Capaldo, Anna Serlenga, Sonenalé and La Ballata dei Lenna, Tommaso Arosio/Fedra Boscaro, Silvia Girardi, Cesare Malfatti, Tiziano Popoli and Vincenzo Vasi, Michel Donedà and the Takla Improvising Group, Qui e Ora and delleAli.

PLAY-K(ei) 13/14 has obtained the patronage of the Consulate General of the Republic of Slovenia in Milan and the Consulate General of the Republic of Croatia. It also requested the patronage of the Municipality of Milan and the Lombardy Region.
The Coltivare Cultura project, realised in collaboration with the Qui e Ora and delleAli theatrical residencies, was selected for the CARIPLO Foundation’s call for proposals for new audiences.

Mala Kline’s show was presented in collaboration with Danae Festival.

PLAY-K(ei) is a project by ZONA K, with the artistic direction of Valentina Kastlunger, Valentina Picariello, Sabrina Sinatti.

Media partner: Vivi Milano