Filippo M. Ceredi (IT)



An intimate documentary on a mysteriously missing brother. It is the action of one individual that creates a political gesture by radically refusing to submit to the status quo of our society.

Between me and P.  is born from the radical need to rewrite a family story. Pietro disappeared voluntarily without leaving any traces, in 1987, when he was 22 years old.

After 25 years, Filippo, the younger brother started a long research to try and get closer to him and understand what pushed to disappear. The research is an attempt to bring light on this silent and pervasive absence. His scenic elaboration is a way to transmit this story, that talks deeply about the individual and collective present.


c/o ZONA K, via Spalato 11, 20124 Milano
Performance in Italian with subtitles in English – Duration 70 min. ca.



Performance di e con Filippo Michelangelo Ceredi. Tutor: Daria Deflorian, nell’ambito della residenza artistica Officina LachesiLAB. Accompagnamento alla realizzazione: Alessandra De Santis e Attilio Nicoli Cristiani. Accompagnamento alla coreografia: Cinzia Delorenzi. Assistenti al progetto: Clara F. Crescini, Sara Gambini Rossano, Francesca S. Perilli
Produzione: Filippo Michelangelo Ceredi, Teatro delle Moire / Danae Festival – 2016. Con il sostegno di ZONA K. Foto: Michela Di Savino 

Filippo Michelangelo Ceredi