DOM– con Antonio Moresco (IT)


“follow the man as he walks / match your step to his
keep a certain distance / sink into the landscape you cross”.


A man – shadowy and elusive – walks through the city. He walks through a variety of urban and suburban spaces – a station, an uncultivated field, an occupied house, a monastery, a recreational club and in between streets, squares, tracks. The audience follows him at a distance, almost spying on him, poised between identification and detachment.

“The man who walks” in Milan is Antonio Moresco, writer, author of narrative, theatrical and non-fiction works. It will be him that participants will have to follow from the centre to the periphery, from open spaces to closed ones. A wonderful experience for spectators/walkers, a rare opportunity to look at one’s own city with other eyes.

Starting from the graphic novel L’uomo che cammina (The Walking Man) by Jiro Taniguchi, DOM- builds a dramaturgy of spaces in which to explore the boundary between urban and third landscape, those abandoned areas at the edge of the inhabited reality. Going deeper and deeper into the substance of the places, the living experience of walking becomes the pretext for an ineliminable tension with reality and the presence of the spectator becomes the very centre of the performance.

A project by ZONA K and DANAE Festival
Urban walk for 18 spectators per performance.
In Italian – Duration 4h and 30 min.

The place of departure will be communicated by text message to each participant the day before the booked performance, so a phone contact will be requested. The performance involves a walk of about 4 hours, comfortable clothing and shoes are recommended. It is not suitable for people with reduced mobility.


creation, spatial dramaturgy and direction DOM- Leonardo Delogu, Valerio Sirna with Antonio Moresco and with Paola Galassi, Isabella Macchi with the participation of the students of ITAS Giulio Natta thanks to Studio Azzurro produced by Teatro Stabile dell’Umbria, Danae Festival, Zona K organisation Francesca Agabiti freely inspired by the comic strip by Jiro Taniguchi – L’uomo che cammina audiovisual documentation Studio Azzurro original music Fabio Zuffanti sound processing Lorenzo Danesin
Special thanks to the association Terzo Paesaggio


DOM- is a project born in 2013 from the collaboration between the artists Leonardo Delogu, Valerio Sirna and Hélène Gautier. It investigates the language of performing arts, with particular attention to the relationship between body and landscape, and is committed to the transmission of peculiar practices of dwelling, linked to the space and time of artistic creation. DOM- builds performance events, seminars, walks, writings, gardens, installations, videos, photographic reportages.

Antonio Moresco, Italian writer [Mantua, born 1947]. After completing a difficult apprenticeship, which he recounts in Letters to No One (1997), critically documenting the difficulty of emerging from the condition of being a writer.
After completing a difficult apprenticeship, which he describes in Lettere a nessuno (1997), critically documenting the difficulty of emerging from the condition of being an underground writer rejected by the Italian publishing world, in 1993 he published the collection of short stories Clandestinità (Clandestinity), in which the themes that underpin his work are already present, rendered in a dry and hyper-realistic style that increases its dramatic impact: loneliness, first and foremost, crossed by a dimension of dreaming as estrangement from the self, which is accompanied by the recurring motif of a frantic search for meaning that unravels through oblique and unstable paths. The fulcrum of Moresco’s work revolves around the vast work Giochi dell’eternità (Games of Eternity), written over a period of 35 years, consisting of Gli esordi (1998), Canti del caos (published in two volumes in 2001 and 2003) and Gli increati (2015). His other works include: La cipolla (1995), Lo sbrego (2005), Scritti di viaggio, di combattimento e di sogno (2005), Merda e luce (2007), La lucina (2013), Fiaba d’amore (2014), I randagi (2014), Piccola fiaba un po’ da ridere e un po’ da piangere (2015), L’addio (2016), Fiabe da Antonio Moresco (2017) and, both in 2018, L’adorazione e la lotta and Il grido.
Founder in 2003 of the blog Nazione indiana, in 2005 he created the online and print magazine Il primo amore.