traces of a multimedia theatre.

This year, for the Human Rights Festival, we have decided to propose a program entitled PROJECT AND DEVICE – traces of a multimedia theatre in which we present three different examples of how theatre questions the crisis of democracy, the role of the media in shaping reality, and the new digital roads. In this sense, theatre is once again an instrument of civil reflection, not only for its contents but also for the devices used.

Valentina Kastlunger and Valentina Picariello, artistic directors of ZONA K, will introduce the meetings.

21 April, 16:30 – 17:00
THEATRE | Art, Algorithm and Automation. The journey of _Phase Nine with the Rimini Protokolls
with Riccardo Tabilio and Chiara Campara, artists of the collective work FASE NOVE // Assolo Urbano

The pandemic emergency has led to a division of social components into relevant and non-relevant. Artistic professions have not been included among the socially necessary. Should we think of a world without art and those who work in it? Can such a deep crisis be an opportunity? FASE NOVE // Assolo Urbano is an urban walk through the most important places for art in Milan, which become the stage for audio installations that, through interviews with various experts, confront the provocative question: Why does art exist?


22 April, 16:30 – 17:00
THEATRE | Play me: technological devices between gaming and live performance
with Andrea Ciommiento, creative director for Play Me (ZONE K)

Teenagers, hyper-connected and fragile, terrified and attracted by the image of themselves on social media, experts in sexting, video-gaming and binge drinking, owners of SmartPhones as an extension of their bodies. Do we really know them? In this performance the spectator will relate to them in an immersive experience. PLAY ME (ORIGINS PROJECT) is the result of work on the stories of young people encountered during the dramaturgical research phase in Turin and Milan. Production ZONA K, conceptual and dramaturgical support Agrupación Señor Serrano.


23 April, 16:30 – 17:00
THEATRE | The Mountain. Does the truth exist?
with Pau Palacios of Agrupación Señor Serrano

Climbing a mountain means overcoming difficulties to reach the top and see the world “as it is”. But often, when you look down from above, you see clouds and fog covering everything and the landscape is constantly changing. What is the world like then? What is the truth like? Does it exist? In The Mountain, the latest show by the award-winning Catalan company, the first Everest expedition with an uncertain outcome, Orson Welles with the War of the Worlds, a fake news website, a drone scanning the audience, snow, fragmented images and Vladimir Putin speaking contentedly about trust and truth converge.