Eric Gobetti – Simone Malavolti (IT)

In collaboration with Istituto Ferruccio Parri


This is an historic road-movie.

The 28 of June 1914, in Sarajevo, two gunshots put an end to the Belle Epoque and inaugurate the short century, the century of extremisms, of world wars, of totalitarian regimes, of big ideologies and big tragedies. One hundred years separate us from the gunshots that changed the story of humanity. What is left, today, from that event. And from the memories of its protagonists?

The streets are those walked by Gavrilo Princip and Francesco Ferdinando d’Asburgo, to reach Sarajevo, respectively from Belgrade and Vienna. Two journeys in the Europe of today, through borders, stories, memories. In a constant dialogue between present and past, through chats in bars to interviewing the historians. Along the way we discover identity conflicts, contrasting memories and the difficult relationship between nation, nationalism and supra national politics.


A meeting with the director Gobetti follows, with the partecipation of Barbara Bracco, Contemporary history professor UNIMIB and Francesca Rolandi, historian and journalist.


Documentary film with subtitles in Italian– Duration 43 min.


Direction and screenplay Eric Gobetti – Simone Malavolti editing Liviana Davì, Tomaso Brucato sound Pietro Jona (narrator) Edoardo Pezzuto (post production) music Radetzky march, performed by Guido Zorn (bass), Gianni Pantaleo (piano), Matteo Negrin (guitar), Mario Bracco (drums) Danza balcanica, Placido Frisone 2011, Gavrilo Princip, Princip, prod. Ltdfm, 2012 and Sarajevo, Kultur Shock, prod. Koolarrow Records, 2006 production and distribution Sarajevo Rewind, Isabella Guarino.

Simone Malavolti (Florence, 1976) is a historian and is involved in teaching, research, cooperation, travel and cinema. He mainly collaborates with the Associazione Trentino con i Balcani (ATB), the Istituto Storico della Resistenza in Toscana, the Museo Storico del Trentino, Osservatorio Balcani e Caucaso, but is above all proud of the cultural association Passaggi di Storia, of which he is President, and of Balkan Florence Express, a film festival of cinema from the Western Balkans, of which he is co-artistic director. In 2014 he made, with Bianca Pananti and Leonardo Filastò, the documentary film Col nome del delirio about the Florence asylum. She has collaborated on several video projects: the multimedia exhibition L’Europa dei destinini incrociati, ATB’s docu-investigation Personal (hi)stories, and the historical documentary Sjećanja. Životne priče u Prijedoru/Memories. Stories of life in Prijedor, by the Museo Storico del Trentino.

Eric Gobetti (Turin, 1973) is a historian. He gives lectures and conferences on Yugoslav history, from Gavrilo Princip to the present day. He has published several books including: Dictator by chance. Un piccolo duce protetto dall’Italia fascista (2001), on the Croatian Ustascia movement in the 1930s; L’occupazione allegra. Italians in Yugoslavia 1941-1943 (2007); Allies of the Enemy. The Italian Occupation in Yugoslavia (2013), Sarajevo Rewind. One Hundred Years of Europe (2017). In the meantime he explores the Balkans and organises historical tourism trips to the countries of the former Yugoslavia. He recounts many of his adventures in his diary-report Nema problema! Yugoslavia, 10 years of travel (2011). He has recently turned to cinema, collaborating with RaiStoria and producing several video products including Bruce Lee Tvoj Mostar and Around Mostar, The Bridge and Bruce Lee. In 2015 he produced his first historical documentary, Partizani. The Italian Resistance in Montenegro (with music by Massimo Zamboni).