Oliver Frljić (HR)

under the patronage of the General Consulate of the Republic of Croatia in Milan

idea, text and direction Oliver Frljić
with Ivana Roščić, Rakan Rushaidat, Filip Križan, Iva Visković
production Theatre &TD


Practically unknown in Italy, Oliver Frljić is perhaps the most famous, certainly the most discussed, among the young Balkan directors, and he arrives in Italy within the programming of PLAY-K(ei), the interdisciplinary season of ZONA K.

Born in 1976 in Bosnia, he lives in Zagreb, where he works non-stop as a director, author, actor and theatre theorist. His works, sharply critical and provocative towards the society of former Yugoslavia, have divided the audience, between reactions of enthusiasm and rejection, have won numerous awards and are hosted in the most important theatres of the region and international festivals.

Odio la verità has become a real cult in Croatia. It recounts the autobiographical events of Frljić’s family.
However, in interpreting the events, the actors-members of the family (including the actor who plays Oliver himself, son and author of the play at the same time) discover how different their memories of the common past are and, in a continuous meta-theatrical game between “the inside” and “the outside”, question the possibility of representing the real events and keep asking themselves what is “true” and what is not.

Odio la verità is the second appointment of PLAY-K(ei) Europe, the special route that PLAY-K(ei) dedicates to Europe, this year in particular to the Balkans and to the entry of Croatia in the EU.

Odio la verità trailer