Compagnia Yan Duyvendak

After Geneva, Basel, Lugano, Paris, Marseille, Berlin, Vienna, Rome, Cagliari, Rio de Janeiro, “Please, Continue (Hamlet)” arrives for the first time in Milan, with the extraordinary participation of: Umberto Ambrosoli, Alessandro Bastianello, Gherardo Colombo, Oscar Magi, Ilio Mannucci Pacini, Mario Mantero, Isabella Marenghi, Adriano Scudieri, Salvatore Scuto.

A news story: a young man kills his fiancée’s father during a wedding ceremony, she accuses him, he defends himself, saying it was an accident.

A real President of the Criminal Section of the Court of Milan, a real Public Prosecutor, a real defence lawyer for the accused, a real defence lawyer for the civil party stage the trial. The accused is called Hamlet, the accuser Ophelia, the witness Gertrude, Hamlet’s mother and they are played by actors. Everything else is real. The verdict is pronounced by a popular jury of spectators chosen from the audience. Those who act on stage do not follow a script, do not act, but listen to witnesses, assess expert opinions, judge facts.

A subtle play between fiction and reality. An exemplary case that merges into a true story. A dramaturgy of reality and at the same time a great tragic plot transposed to the contemporary era. Please, continue (Hamlet), brings the legal system to the stage, to explore the relationship between the application of justice and the eternally elusive question of what truth is. As in Antiquity – when theatre was one of the most important places of the polis and politics – Yan Duyvendak and Roger Bernat invent scenic devices that they then leave to the spectators. Their performances redefine the space of the self and of play: the stage becomes the agora – and vice versa.


Show starts at 7.30 p.m. (arrive at least 20 minutes beforehand)
Duration 3h with two breaks.
In collaboration with and c/o UniCredit Pavilion, Piazza Gae Aulenti 10
Limited places, booking recommended.


An idea by: Yan Duyvendak & Roger Bernat; with: Francesca Cuttica, Francesca Mazza, Benno Steinegger; and with: magistrates, lawyers and doctors from the Forum of Milan; set design in collaboration with: Sylvie Kleiber; direction and diffusion: Nataly Sugnaux Hernandez; communication and administration: Marine Magnin; production: Samuel Antoine; technical direction: Gaël Grivet; general direction: Thomas Köppel; translations: Daniela Almansi, Matilde Pasquon; production: Dreams Come True, Genève; co-production: Le Phénix Scène Nationale Valenciennes; Huis a/d Werf, Utrecht; Théâtre du GRÜ, Genève; performance created in residence at: Montévidéo, Marseille; Le Carré/Les Colonnes, Scène conventionnée, Saint-Médard-en-Jalles/Blanquefort; with the support of: Ville de Genève; République et canton de Genève; Pro Helvetia Fondation suisse pour la culture; Migros pour-cent culturel; Loterie Romande; Ministerio de Cultura-INAEM; Mécènes du sud, Marseille; Le Nouveau théâtre de Montreuil – centre dramatique national; CORODIS