Those who want to be political must venture out into the world.

Opening the 2018 theatre season with FOCUS POLITICS is prescient and provocative.
The March elections speak for us. Politics permeates social life in an all too intrusive and shouted way, contributing to spreading disaffection and detachment of citizens. The question arises: is democracy still a representation of popular power? In a rapidly changing society, is the power of democracy still effective? And is it still possible to speak of a public and active Agora?

Two renowned international artists, who have already been guests in previous editions of the ZONA K season, pose these questions. Roger Bernat presents PENDIENTE DE VOTO (PENDING VOTE). A show in which the participation of the public is requested in a political reflection that humorously tackles the mechanisms of power in all democracies and the totalitarian drifts germinating in the community. It is also a reflection on the word citizenship and participatory democracy, which cannot fail to remind us of the forthcoming political elections.

Yan Duyvendak, Nicolas Cilins & Nataly Sugnaux Hernandez (CH) with ACTIONS: a scenic device that gives shape to an ideal democratic assembly where refugees, political leaders and volunteers of the city can express themselves, with the aim of responding with effective and direct actions able to involve positively every single individual and at the same time get out of the doldrums of the rhetoric of good intentions.

Finally, in the Italian section, ZONA K will host the revelation artist Filippo M. Ceredi with BETWEEN ME AND P., an intimate documentary show about a brother who has mysteriously disappeared. Once again it is the action of an individual that becomes a political gesture in the radical refusal to submit to the status quo of today’s society.


16 – 17 February 2018 h 20.00
Roger Bernat/ FFF (ES)

20 February 2018 h 18.30
Eric Gobetti and Simone Malavolti
[documentary film]

2 -3 March h 20.00, 4th March 2018 h 17.00
Filippo M. Ceredi (IT)

9 – 10 March 2018 h 20.00
Yan Duyvendak & Nicolas Cilins & Nataly Sugnaux Hernandez (CH)
[participatory performance]
c/o Casa della Memoria