Biscardini, Pertot, Rollo e Scirocco


Since the Second World War, Milan has undergone a multitude of urban and social transformations: from reconstruction to the economic miracle, from large factories to the advanced tertiary sector, from the years of lead to the “Milano da bere”, from the “moral capital” to Tangentopoli. Paradoxically, with an elusive but always strong identity.

Discussions will be held by Roberto Biscardini (president of the association Riaprire i Navigli), Gianfranco Pertot (lecturer at the Milan Polytechnic), Alberto Rollo (writer), Giovanni Scirocco (Ferruccio Parri National Institute).

During the course of the evening a number of medium-length films will be screened by the Archivio Audiovisivo del Movimento Operaio e Democratico:
“Christmas at Milan Central Station” (1963 – 23′:30”)
“Milan 1959” (1959′ – 37′)


Meeting + projection
duration: 90 min

In collaboration: with Istituto Ferruccio Parri and AMOD


Illustration: H.J. L√łken