Animal Religion

C.L.A.P.Spettacolodalvivo, in collaboration with Fira Tàrrega, is pleased to present within PLAY-K(ei):
the extraordinary Catalan company with its cult performance, for the first time in Milan.

Indomador is a performance that moves between theatre, dance and contemporary circus. It draws attention to the oddities of the routine of our daily lives and brings to light the animal hidden in all of us.
It is a grotesque parody of modern man and the culturally predetermined difference between the sexes. The artist on stage unveils his animal instinct and transforms the stage into an “animalarium” made of transgenic bodies, acrobatics, man-cocks, dance rituals.
Indomador is a questioning of the relationships between human and animal, male and female.
But what is animal? What is human?


Quim Girón, is 29 years old and comes from Barcelona, Spain.
He does continuous research in the areas of balancing, music, percussion, clowning and animal movement. After studying at the Rogelio Rivel circus school in Barcelona, his travels took him north where he attended LIDO (circus school, Toulouse, France) for a year, finishing his studies at DOCH (University of Circus and Dance, Stockholm, Sweden) with handstand and acro-dance disciplines.

Animal Religion, a Spanish company, is a collaboration between Niklas Blomberg and Quim Giron, both graduates of the University of Dance and Circus in Stockholm. Their work can be defined as a fusion of contemporary circus, dance and music whose main theme is animality. The audience of Animal Religion can observe the artist’s behaviour not as in a zoo, but in an orderly context where something wild can be safely watched.


a project by and with Riccardo Fusiello and Agostino Riola
lighting design Matteo Crespi
communication Marianna Musella
graphics, scenic element forEVER Claudia Broggi
assistant to the choreography for Play Serena Marossi
production Sonenalé
co-production E45 Napoli Fringe Festival – Fondazione Campania dei Festival
choreographic residencies Centro Danza Canal (Madrid), Mosaico Danza (Turin), Dance_B (Milan), Studio 28 (Milan)
we would like to thank Teatro Litta (Milan), Scuola D’Arte Drammatica Paolo Grassi (Milan), Teatro della Cooperativa (Milan), PuntoZero Teatro (Milan), Teatro Mimesis (Trani), Teatro Radice Timbrica (Legnano), ZONA K (Milan) and also Daniele D’Angelo, Simone Marossi

YOUR HAPPY SAD SONGS is a project in three snapshots, I WANNA – Play – forEVER, freely inspired by the figure of Federico García Lorca.

“The work feeds on Lorca, sinks its roots into the contrasts that animated him, digs through his words and images in search of the essence that moved his work and his life”.

Your Happy Sad Songs thus becomes a sort of pop opera, moving between everyday situations and dreamlike images, on the difficulty of following one’s instincts, on the will to react when all around seems dark, on the disorientation caused by an absence. At the centre is the body and its movement, which becomes the main instrument of investigation. The bodies of the two performers are observed in the circumstances in which they are protagonists and at the same time, as if analysed, decomposed, X-rayed in search of what moves them and what they conceal.

I WANNA (2010), running time 15 min
selected and promoted by ANTICORPI XL – network young dance d’auteur

PLAY (2012), running time 20 min
winner of ‘Presenta tu proyecto’ by Centro Danza Canal (Madrid) and ‘DE.Mo./ Movin’ Up 2011′ (curated by GAI – Giovani Artisti Italiani and MiBAC – Ministero Beni e Attività Culturali)

forEVER (2013), 20 min
debut Museo Madre, Naples – E45 Napoli Fringe Festival, June 2013

Sonenalé was founded in Milan in 2012 by Riccardo Fusiello, dancer and choreographer, and Agostino Riola, performer and director. Their artistic research focuses on the investigation of the body, in all its expressions. The collaboration between the two began in 2008 on the occasion of the show Il Signor P, produced by the Castel Dei Mondi International Festival in Andria. In 2010 they created Your Happy Sad Songs. They have collaborated with Italian and European companies (Spain, Denmark). ”


Your happy sad song trailer