Berlin (BE)



“In our lives there are princesses who wait for nothing more
but to see us act, just once, with beauty and courage…” 


30 fascinating stories, told by children from 21 different countries and in 15 languages. A diverse group that meets the audience sitting at a large table.

Also in Remember the dragons … BERLIN they plunge us into a sea of stories that seem too absurd to be true. A girl from Morocco who is never hungry, feels no pain and hardly feels the need to sleep. A Danish boy who already on his fourth birthday would have liked to become a girl. A South African boy of the same age who made dozens of crop circles with his grandfather. One night, in secret.

True or false? And where did this little spaceman suddenly come from? Remember the dragons… is a performance suitable for children aged 11 and over. A big table with 30 screens and 30 seats for the audience. Each little spectator will bring an adult with whom they can share the adventures. Remember the dragons… shows the same stories to both children and adults from different perspectives, making them experience shared memories and giving them a beautiful glittering moonstone as a gift.

The languages to be heard are: Dutch, Ukrainian, German, Spanish, English, Russian, Arabic, Gujarati, French, Croatian, Chinese, Danish, Italian, Hebrew, Romanian.


A project by  ZONA K and Triennale Teatro dell’Arte 


c/o  Triennale Teatro dell’Arte – viale Alemagna, 6
Perfomance from 11 years old – Running time: 55 min.




ideazione e creazione: BERLIN (Bart Baele, Yves Degryse, Tom Struyf) una produzione di BERLIN, HETPALEIS, Kopergietery ricerca Frien Leysen musica Eric Thielemans video Geert De Vleesschauwer scenografia BERLIN, Manu Siebens camera Geert De Vleesschauwer produzione Celeste Driesen, Jelte Van Roy costruzione set Manu Siebens, Robrecht Ghesquière, Bregt Janssens, Koen Ghesquière costruzione filmset HETPALEIS in coproduzione con Rotondes, Tweetakt festival con il supporto del Flemish Government


Founders of BERLIN in 2003, filmmakers Bart Baele and Yves Degryse decided not to choose a particular genre, but to venture into the realm of documentary and let the places of their forays guide their inspiration. This philosophy gave rise to two project cycles: Holocene (the current geological era) where the starting point is always a city or other place on the planet, and Horror Vacui (fear of the void) in which true and touching stories are delicately unravelled around a table. The Holocene cycle includes Jerusalem, Iqaluit, Bonanza, Moscow and Zvizdal. The first three episodes of Horror Vacui are Tagfish, Land’s end and Perhaps all the dragons. BERLIN are still working on both cycles. Holocene will end in the city of Berlin (hence the group’s name) with the creation of a docu-fiction project involving the inhabitants of the cities featured in the previous episodes. The company has worked in 27 different countries in recent years, within various circuits: from theatres to exhibition spaces, from festivals to special locations.

Berlin (BE)



“Breathtaking! And exciting, because each of the characters
tells a true story.  A collection of collective stories.
This work is a descent into the heart of humanity.” Le Figaro


For the first time in Milan, the Belgian company acclaimed throughout Europe with an aesthetically irresistible theatrical installation with intelligent content.

A famous pianist realises on stage that she has studied the wrong concerto – A neurosurgeon swaps the head and body of two monkeys, they survive – In Japan there are 700,000 people who live as hikikomori, locked in their bedrooms for at least a year, completely detached from social life – Six degrees of separation, a theory that states that each individual can connect with another through no more than 6 intermediaries in the world.

Thirty stories, transformed into as many video monologues with a dramaturgical construction that creates coherence between them. The duration of each intervention will be exactly the same. Different interactions will take place at different times. Directors Bart Baele and Yves Degryse have encountered interesting people, facts, anecdotes, adventures, intrigues and thoughts. The themes that emerged from these stories are eclectic: from philosophical hypotheses to scientific detail to anecdotes, etc. A large oval structure on the perimeter of which 30 screens/stories are mounted, accommodates 30 spectators


A project by ZONA K e Triennale Teatro dell’Arte 


c/o  Triennale Teatro dell’Arte – viale Alemagna, 6
30 spectators for each performance

Performance surtitled in Italian and English – Running time: 65 min.





Ideazione BERLIN (Bart Baele, Yves Degryse) Scenografia BERLIN, Manu Siebens Testo Kirsten Roosendaal, Yves Degryse, Bart Baele Editing Bart Baele, Geert De Vleesschauwer, Yves Degryse Soundtrack e mixing Peter Van Laerhoven Camera Geert De Vleesschauwer Direzione tecnica Robrecht Ghesquière Ricerca e drammaturgia Natalie Schrauwen con Derek Blyth, Sergey Glushkov, François Pierron, Juan Albeiro Serrato Torres, Rinat Shaham, Shizuka Hariu, Shlomi Krichely, Jonas Jonsson, Nirman Arora, Suneet Chhabra, Luci Comincioli, Roger Christmann, Regina Vilaça, Pat Butler, Walter Müller, Adela Efendieva, Andrew Mugisha, Ramesh Parekh, Nico Mäkel, Wim Mäkel, Tamas Sandor, Philippe Cappelle, Romik Rai, Brecht Ghijselinck, Vladimir Bondarev, Andrei Tarasov, Matsumoto Kazushi, Bob Turner, Geert-Jan Jansen, Kurt Lannoye, Robrecht Ghesquière, Laura Fierens, Patryk Wezowski, Hilde Verhelst, Christina Davidsen produzione BERLIN in coproduzione con Deutsches Schauspielhaus Hamburg [DE], KunstenfestivaldesArts [Bruxelles – BE], le CENTQUATRE [Parigi – FR], Dublin Theatre Festival [IE], Centrale Fies [Dro – IT], Noorderzon Performing Arts Festival [Groningen – NL], La Bâtie – Festival de Genève [CH], Zomer van Antwerpen [BE]
progetto coprodotto da NXTSTP, con il supporto del Programma Cultura dell’Unione Europea e ONDA – Office national de diffusion artistique BERLIN è artista associato a CENTQUATRE [Parigi – FR] con il supporto del Governo Fiammingo