Imaginometric Society &
Accademia di Belle Arti di Brera (IT)

The Imaginometric Society, founded by a group of students from the Brera Academy and the Milan Conservatory of Music, created the project that represented Italy at the Quadrennial Stage Design Exhibition in Prague (June 2019), which was awarded the Award for Imagination.

The Milan Experiment develops the research on human imagination begun in Prague, adding new possibilities to the Imaginometer, the instrument designed to demonstrate the first imaginometric principle: imagination is what makes us human. Admitted one by one into the heart of the Imaginometer, the Performative Machine, visitors will live an immersive, personalized and unrepeatable experience, relentlessly realising the second imaginometric principle: imagination increases by reflecting itself. The collective imagination of the Milan Experiment will draw the face of the next research, linked to the third imaginometric principle: imagination cannot be reproduced, but only recreated each time.


c/o Sala delle adunanze of the Istituto Lombardo, via Brera 28


A project of the School of Scenography, Academy of Brera and the School of Electronic Music, Conservatory of Milan in collaboration with the School of Communication and Enhancement of the Artistic Heritage, Academy of Brera, with the support of Istituto Lombardo, Academy of Sciences and Letters, with the support of IntercettAzioni – Centre for Artistic Residency of Lombardy (a project of Circuito CLAPS and ZONA K, Industria Scenica, Milano Musica, Teatro delle Moire), technical sponsor EVO GROUP and with the participation of friends, young and old, of ZONA K






“There is nothing more difficult than following someone who knows they are being followed.”
A Private Detective, Rimini, 2015

SOLO is a site-specific project that works on complex urban spaces, such as large train stations, and the people who populate them, a humanity in transit and circulation, with its own peculiar rhythms and travel times.
SOLO is a journey, an individual walk that places the spectator, the viewer, at the centre of a network of possible relationships, of a crowd that moves, like the cog in a larger system.
SOLO attempts to generate an alternative view of a place that is known and accessible to all, without processing what it sees but opening itself up to the construction of parallel, possible and reproducible universes.



Where: Garibaldi railway station, Piazza Sigmund Freud
The precise starting place will be communicated to the audience the day before the performance.
Last performance at 19.00 with end at 20.00.

NB: the mobile phone is essential to participate in the performance. It is essential to leave your mobile phone number at the ticket office during the booking process; it will be used exclusively for the performance, respecting privacy.


The performance is also included in the programme of Isola Kult and Garbaldi Kult Festival*.
During the festivals special promotion only reduced tickets.


concept Francesca De Isabella, Sara Leghissa; version created for ZONA K by Lorenza Cervara, Fabiola Dusetta, Teresa Scalare, Floida Skraqi, Antonella Spina, Chiara Tirloni, Flora Vannini and by Francesca De Isabella, Elena Cleonice Fecit, Sara Leghissa; production Strasse 2013-2016; co-production Uovo Performing Arts Festival with the support of MACAO – Nuovo Centro per le Arti, la Cultura e la Ricerca, Vooruit Kunstencentrumand DE. MO./MOVIN’UP Project: Movin’UP Session II, 2013 curated by Ministero dei Beni e delle Attività Culturali e del Turismo – Direzione Generale per il paesaggio, le belle arti, l’architettura e le arti contemporanee; Direzione Generale per lo spettacolo dal vivo and GAI – Associazione per il Circuito dei Giovani Artisti Italiani pics by Luca Chiaudano