A public space, a group of people, a voice in the headphones that asks questions, gives instructions and suggestions. The audience moving within the space. Who are the global and local tribes of today’s cities? Where are they now while you’re here? How many kilometres away should they be from your private space?

gLocal Generation is an artistic production by ZONA K, aiming to give voice to the new generations of multi-ethnic societies. The path stems from organising theatrical workshops and ends with the creation of an urban interactive performance in headphones, directed by Andrea Ciommiento, under the supervision of the Catalan artist Roger Bernat.

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Performance with headphones use –  in English and International Sign.


Project ZONA K  Direction Andrea Ciommiento  Supervision Roger Bernat  Collective Creation Anes Fettar, Deborah Yebout, George Vasquez Colonia, Imane Mouslim, Issaka Abdou, Jaouher Brahim, Kausar El Allam, Leandro Perez, Mariam Lahmpur, Milagros De Los Santos, Momo Moukett, Sabina Ali, Silvio Bruscaglia, Sumaya Jabril With Anes Fettar, Kausar El Allam, Imane Mouslim, Momo Moukett, Jaouher Brahim, Mattia Ghezzi, Matteo Coppola, Shady Mostafa Coordination Coop. Diapason e A.P.S. Asnada Collaboration C.L.A.P.Spettacolo dal vivo   Logistic support Coop. Olinda Support MigrArti 2017 – MiBact, Assessorato alla Cultura – Comune di Milano