Is politics real?

A fake populist party, which appeared within a few weeks in 2010 in Estonia, received thousands of members and was given 20% in the pre-election polls. How was this possible? What role did the media play and what is our perception of politics? How much does political language now use the tools of fiction?

NO75 Unified Estonia touched on the fears and hopes and embodied the manipulations and delusions that underlie politics. Could it happen elsewhere today?

We talk about it with Daniel Vaarik (one of the creators of Unified Estonia) and Marcello Maneri (professor of Sociology of Cultural and Communicative Processes at Bicocca University). The meeting will be moderated by Danilo De Biasio.


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NO99 (EE)

In 2010, the Estonian company Theatre NO99 staged a production that brought the whole of Estonian society onto the stage.

NO75 Unified Estonia is the name of a fictitious political movement created by the company that a large part of the audience accepted as a real political force. In an original way it combined theatre, performing arts, politics, media and civil society.

For 44 days – from the first press conference to the founding convention of the fake party (attended by more than 7000 people) – the project was filmed to become a documentary. NO55 Ash and Money is the first film by Theatre NO99. It is a documentary that tells the story of how NO75 Unified Estonia was conceived, through interviews with those who worked behind the scenes but also with many politicians who collaborated and witnessed the process of creating the biggest performance event seen in recent European history. NO75 Unified Estonia encapsulates the fears and hopes, the manipulations and disappointments that underlie politics in our contemporary democracies.



A huge simulation of hyperpopulism to reflect how much excessive populism there is in reality. The documentary shows the variety of emotions and dramatic vicissitudes experienced by the creators of NO75 Unified Estonia.

NO55 Ash and Money has received recognition and acclaim at the numerous film festivals where it has been presented around the world.



In Estonian, subtitled in Italian


A film by: Tiit Ojasoo, Ene-Liis Semper Filming: Rein Kotov Sound: Harmo Kallaste Editors: Rein Kotov, Ene-Liis Semper Executive Producers: Piret Tibbo-Hudgins, Rein Kotov Production: Allfilm and NO99



Theatre NO99 is a company and theatre based in Tallinn, Estonia. Founded in 2005 under the leadership of Ene-Liis Semper and Tiit Ojasoo. Theatre NO99 has immediately enjoyed international success at various European festivals. Over the years it has been a guest at Wiener Festwochen, Festival d’Avignon, HAU Berlin, KVS Brussels, Münchner Kammerspiele, NET Festival and Golden Mask in Moscow. It has produced works of great variety in form including many international co-productions. Since its foundation it has been expressly stated that Theatre NO99 will only do 99 productions and then it will be dissolved.