Welcome Project (DE/IT)

Intime Fremde/Intimate strangers is dedicated to a reflection on the border, identity, the concept of nation, country of origin, the encounter/clash of physical and cultural, emotional anatomies.

Europe has accustomed us to travelling cheaply and feeling at home in all the countries of the Union. But the old continent defends its borders with barbed water and C.I.E. Borders exist hidden everywhere: while we go shopping, when we look at each other, skim, avoid, in the covered face of the neighbour, in the smells in the stairwell. And what is behind a door, behind a line has always scared us. If it is true that we are all biologically similar, it is also true that we are all culturally different, and endowed with different rights. Are we made up of what we eat, of our experiences, of the decisions we have made throughout our lives, of what we love, of what we fight for?

What is identity? What does nationality mean? What does citizenship mean?


Intime Fremde is a space in which to look at the fears and desires of a humanity divided between the need to belong and the need for freedom. On stage three actresses who live in Germany, but who have three different cultural origins, build barriers and look for spaces of intimacy.

The show had two residencies at Teatro del Lemming and premiered on 20 November 2015 at the Acker Stadt Palast in Berlin.


In English, Italian and Arabic.


With Aurora Kellermann, Lina Zaraket, Serfiraz Vural directed by Chiara Elisa Rossini lights Alessio Papa by Welcome Project – The foreigner’s Theatre production Teatro del Lemming in collaboration with TATWERK PERFORMATIVE FORSCHUNG_Berlin



Welcome Project is a female project born in Berlin in 2015 from an idea of Chiara Elisa Rossini. The group is made up of four female artists who live in Germany but have different cultural origins.
Its name comes from their personal experience as emigrants, but also from the concept of theatre as a world governed by other rules, a space where things out of the ordinary can happen.