the evening begins with Visual Bluff

coordination and direction by Marco Ivaldi, Marco Monfredini and Francesca Tortora
with Chiara Cardea, Roberta Maraini, Silvia Mercuriati, Salvo Montalto, Elena Pisu
technical direction Andrea Sancio Sangiorgi
distribution, organisation and press office OffRome
stage photos Alessandro Bosio
poster image Marco Monfredini
filming and video editing Giulia Gobbi and Francesco Dinolfo

the project TRICHER has been selected for the NAPOLI FRINGE FESTIVAL 2013


I want to do a survey.
I want to know the truth.
I want to find the right question to get the answer I don’t expect.

I want to stop lying.

I want to be an eyewitness.

I want to give my testimony.

Our starting question is always the same: “What is the difference between not telling the truth and lying?”
In this third chapter we will try to answer by focusing our analysis on the contribution that “Testimonies” can make to the search for _no lie_.

MO.Lem continues to deepen the themes addressed in the previous chapters by updating them on the basis of the continuous real changes in society and politics. The show changes according to the period of its staging, it is a continuous work in progress that allows the companies to work constantly together on the project. The show is conceived and structured to be staged also (and above all!) in unconventional places, which allow a more direct relationship with the public, so as to reproduce an ideal “agora”. “[…] A work in progress in which five actors deal with social and current themes, representing and dismantling the dearest fairy tales of our memories. […] The economic crisis, job insecurity and the chimera of a steady job are ready to get to the heart of the play and create a surreal and realistic atmosphere. […]”. Stefano Rogliatti – Quotidiano Piemontese, 13/04/2012


The MO.Lem collective (Movimento Libere Espressioni Metropolitane) was founded in July 2009 and is formed by the Turin-based theatre companies Anticamera Teatro, Chi per Es Teatro, Ivaldi|Mercuriati and Chiara Cardea, joined in 2012 by Grimaco Movimentiumani. 

The aim of the collective is to unite different theatrical experiences for the realisation and organisation of projects linked to contemporaneity.


PLAY K(ei) is also 0-99