Andy Field (GB)

“One-to-one performance is like knocking on a stranger’s door (…) unsure of what I will find on the other side, what world I will stumble into and what worlds will stumble into me”.

Andy Field’s works are unusually formal and interactive, inviting us to consider our relationships with the spaces we inhabit and the people around us.¬†¬†Over the years he has created art projects in theatres, galleries, warehouses, multi-storey car parks and city streets.

His interactive performances are designed to involve different audiences: whole families, as in the case of the successful Curious Creatures presented at the Natural History Museum in London, which saw, in 5 days, over 6,000 participants, or involving the individual spectator, as in the case of Lookout, a one-to-one and site-specific performance made in collaboration with a local primary school.

Co-director of the arts organisation Forest Fringe, he is also a guest lecturer at Royal Holloway University and the author of publications for The Guardian, The Stage and Contemporary Theatre Review.

Young and eclectic Andy Field devotes a significant part of his work to the active involvement of young and very young people.


Meeting organised with the support of the British Council.
In English with translation




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