Switzerland: how to survive other people’s crises

The Centre for Foreign Policy Studies and Public Opinion at the University of Milan, which has been active for over three decades, organizes the monthly conference cycle “Observatory on the World”, focusing on major issues of international current affairs, now in its 18th edition.

The next meeting, designed for ZONA K’s Focus Switzerland, will be devoted to the theme “Switzerland: how to survive the crises of others”. The recent Swiss elections, held on 18 October, will be the starting point for an analysis of the country’s situation and for reconsidering its relationship with Europe and with the turbulence of international politics and the economy.

Speakers: Sergio Romano and Lino Terlizzi; moderator: Alfredo Canavero
In collaboration with the Centro Studi Politica Estera e Opinione Pubblica, University of Milan

Free admission c/o Centro Svizzero di Milano, via Palestro 2