La Ballata dei Lenna

by and with Nicola Di Chio, Paola Di Mitri, Miriam Fieno
text supervision Michele Santeramo
production La Ballata dei Lenna
with the support of Fondazione Campania dei Festival – E45 Napoli Fringe Festival, Presidenza del Consiglio dei Ministri – Dipartimento della Giovent├╣ – Regione Piemonte – Provincia di Alessandria, Regione Puglia – Progetto Principi Attivi – Assessorato Politiche Giovanili – Fondazione Live Piemonte dal Vivo – circuito regionale dello spettacolo
in collaboration with Teatro Minimo – Teatro Bottega degli Apocrifi

A square of light is the house where three lives intertwine, that of a tailor and two sisters: the ugly, the ugly and the beautiful. Three unimportant lives that try to understand what is right and what is wrong, even if right and wrong do not help to save themselves. The ugly one lives a life devoid of aspirations, counting the days in front of her, all the same, and accepting without protest the moods of her sister, soon to be married, absorbed entirely by the hopes of a different life. The tailor, called in to repair a wedding dress that is no longer fit to wear, is the stumbling block in the story.

The three characters soon find themselves coming to terms with their own impulses, unravelling and keeping their desires at bay, rediscovering themselves to be tender and violent at the same time, but always too inadequate for love.

There is no time to waste on caresses, there is no more time.
Love is a fairy tale for the rich and for saints.
And we are neither rich nor holy.

But love, at what time is love? When does it return? How much longer must we wait? Could someone tell us, in the midst of all this bloody mayhem, what bloody time it comes in?

The company La Ballata dei Lenna formed by Nicola Di Chio, Paola Di Mitri and Miriam Fieno was founded in 2012 at the Civica Accademia d’Arte Drammatica “Nico Pepe” in Udine, where the three actors trained and graduated. Following the project “Ballata in tour/ La protesta”, a tour of workshops throughout Italy in the winter of 2012, the company produced its first show “LA PROTESTA – una fiaba italiana” in collaboration with playwright Michele Santeramo.
La Protesta won the first prize at the “Festival Anteprima89” ed. 2012 Antidoti – Milan, Special Mention at the Festival Asti 33 “premio scintille 2011” new dramaturgies, Finalist Rassegna ARGOToff 2013 Teatro Argot – Rome

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