Woodstock Teatro

Theatrical performance freely inspired by the writings of Irish playwright Brendan Behan

SPRING BOY is a 16-year-old Irish boy arrested in Liverpool with a suitcase full of explosives ready to blow up the court. His name is Brendan Behan.

He will become one of the most important playwrights in Ireland and in the world, the storyteller of a humanity that loses in the face of law and power, with which it never ceases to clash. One actor plays several characters. Three stage servants compose a visual and sound universe with live projections and live processed sounds.

Woodstock Teatro is a company from Venice, born in 2013. It is composed by the director-dramatist Marco Gnaccolini, the set designer Alessandra Dolce and the light-video-sound designer Matteo Moglianesi, all graduated in Theatre Science and Techniques – IUAV Venice.

Conception, scenic writing, light, sound & video design, animators, objects and stage servants: Alessandra Dolce, Marco Gnaccolini Matteo Moglianesi;
actor: Michele Scarlatti;
dramaturgy: Marco Gnaccolini;
set and equipment design: Alessandra Dolce;
direction: Marco Gnaccolini

Compagnia Stradevarie

From childhood we are taught obedience as a value that will allow us to live in harmony with the social system around us. We are told to be patient, to endure.

There are those who do not accept this, because they are impatient, reckless, forerunners of the times. There are those who, by choice or lack of choice, decide to change everything at once with regard to their own lives and, inevitably, those of others. It goes beyond the limits set by the law, by common sense, by social norms. It becomes banished. It is this free zone that we wanted to investigate. And we started from stories set in different parts of the world. A show that is also a laboratory of ideas, in which everyone can build a piece of a collective history not yet written, not yet drawn. A trace.

by and with Soledad Nicolazzi;
dramaturgical collaboration Dalia Padoa;
props and costumes Elena Carozzi;
artistic advice Gigi Gherzi and Laura Sferch;
production support Campsirago Residenza

Stradevarie is an independent theatre company founded in 1999 that currently works within the “Campsirago Residenza” project. The shows are the landing point of a research path, a rewriting of the present with its fragile, ironic and surreal stories. A Piazza delle Erbe! received the “Menzione speciale Premio Ustica per il teatro ’07”; Ciclonica, won the Premio Pancirolli ’03. The company also has a path aimed at children: in 2012 it had the support of the production of Small Size- Big Citizens for the show Carta Canta.



Un focus dedicato all’impegno civile di piccole e grandi rivoluzioni sociali, a chi in passato e oggi ha creduto o crede che si possano ancora cambiare radicalmente le cose.
Al contempo un focus che guarda ad esperimenti nei linguaggi del teatro, della danza, del video e della contaminazione tra le discipline che possano contenere elementi rivoluzionari.

E’ un focus che dà spazio a compagnie giovanissime che, nelle mille difficoltà del non-mercato di questo paese, fanno fatica ad emergere ma che, con tenace volontà, fanno la loro rivoluzione proseguendo ad investire energie ed economie nel loro fare arte.