Collettivo MMM (IT)

Radio Olimpia, Bomba libera tutt!, a playing field and mobile radio station hosted by a California camper, is coming to Milan.

On the playing field, set up in the new square in Via Toce in the Isola district, a series of competitions will take place in which the public, divided into teams, will challenge each other in an unprecedented form of contemporary performing Olympics.
All the games are inspired by performances by well-known and lesser-known artists.

The disciplines will be introduced live from the playing field, and the competitions will be accompanied and refereed. Each action will be commented on in the radio commentary and winners and losers will be presented.
There will be in-depth content on the performances of the artists mentioned and on the themes referred to in the games: public space, the moment of celebration, the game, non-productive time, in a succession of challenges, interviews with “special guests” and the participants who bring the frequencies in the squares of Radio Olimpia, Bomba Libera tutti, to life!



Team game|Performance – duration 100 min. – in Italian
c/o Piazza Aperta di via Toce, Milan [Tram 2, 4].

In case of rain the event will be cancelled.


Created, realized and performed by Collettivo MMM: Martino Ferro, Maria Caterina Frani, Maria Pecchioli Production Pergine Festival, in co-production with ZONA K Il Giardino delle Esperidi Festival, In\Visible Cities / Contaminazioni digitali and with the support of Indisciplinarte and Periferico Festival
Winner of Open_Contemporary Urban Creation. Ph. Giulia Lenzi


The MMM Collective (Maria Pecchioli, Martino Ferro and Maria Caterina Frani) has collaborated in the past in the activation of performative-radiophonic formats (Forever, Maria di Sant’Elena, MMFight), has co-directed with the Fosca association the Frau Frisör Fosca space dedicated to languages and artistic contaminations, proposing an interdisciplinary programme aimed at citizens.
The relationship with the context, the ability to involve and promote the individual and the group, the sharing of practices and visions are the basis of the common path. Maria Pecchioli is an artist and producer of cross-media platforms, performer and film maker. Martino Ferro is a writer and screenwriter for film and television. Maria Caterina Frani is an actress, performer, speaker and assistant director.