Caligari Bros (Tiziano Popoli e Vincenzo Vasi)

original music by Caligari Bros
electronic lo fi, voice, theremin, toys and acoustic noises Vincenzo Vasi
gestural devices, loops & samples Tiziano Popoli

After many years, Tiziano Popoli and Vincenzo Vasi collaborate again on the soundtrack for a silent film. For the occasion they have given themselves a name and an eloquent image: that of the perfidious Dr Caligari, this time in a new family version. No longer just one but two Caligaris. Two brothers, strenuous supporters of the controversial theory according to which there is a correct acoustic therapy for every clinical pathology, authors of a treatise on the “cleaning of the ear” that has raised a fuss in the medical and academic field. They are said to be charlatans. They reply that they will apply themselves to the remusication of Der Golem by implementing instant composition strategies that straddle the line between kletzmer and electronic-mysticism.

Il Golem, come venne al mondo trailer