This is an historic road-movie.

The 28 of June 1914, in Sarajevo, two gunshots put an end to the Belle Epoque and inaugurate the short century, the century of extremisms, of world wars, of totalitarian regimes, of big ideologies and big tragedies. One hundred years separate us from the gunshots that changed the story of humanity. What is left, today, from that event. And from the memories of its protagonists?

The streets are those walked by Gavrilo Princip and Francesco Ferdinando d’Asburgo, to reach Sarajevo, respectively from Belgrade and Vienna. Two journeys in the Europe of today, through borders, stories, memories. In a constant dialogue between present and past, through chats in bars to interviewing the historians. Along the way we discover identity conflicts, contrasting memories and the difficult relationship between nation, nationalism and supra national politics.

A meeting with the director Gobetti follows, with the partecipation of Barbara Bracco, Contemporary history professor UNIMIB and Francesca Rolandi, historian and journalist.

c/o ZONA K, via Spalato 11, 20124 Milano

Documentary film with subtitles in Italian– Duration 43 min. 

Free entrance


In collaboration with Istituto Ferruccio Parri


Regia e sceneggiatura Eric Gobetti – Simone Malavolti editing Liviana Davì, Tomaso Brucato suono Pietro Jona (voce narrante) Edoardo Pezzuto (post produzione) musica Radetzky march, eseguita da Guido Zorn (basso), Gianni Pantaleo (piano), Matteo Negrin (chitarra), Mario Bracco (batteria) Danza balcanica, Placido Frisone 2011, Gavrilo Princip, Princip, prod. Ltdfm, 2012 e Sarajevo, Kultur Shock, prod. Koolarrow Records, 2006 produzione e distribuzione Sarajevo Rewind, Isabella Guarino.