Mechanics for Dreamers

with Luca Valisi, Federico Bassi, Alessio De Meo, Daniele Napoli
machine construction by TanaCreatures and Piccolo Circo Volante

Pyrophons are organs that vibrate a ferrous body through the heat of the fire, producing a long, low sound that can be modulated using an electric motor system. Made exclusively from industrial waste materials, they are the main instruments used in the performance Pirofonia, which was born from the encounter between Federico Bassi’s TanaCreatures and Daniele Napoli’s Piccolo Circo Volante and musicians Luca Valisi, on bass and loop station, and Alessio de Meo, on mixer and effects.

From a future past, the four unusual characters, half argonauts and inventors of playful machines, take the audience on a journey through unknown and remote sounds. A journey under the skin, in the memory of the body, through sounds, noises, rhythms and melodies born from the primordial volcano, as well as from the industrial world. The result is a performance, as well as a sound one, strongly visual and of great scenic impact.

Mechanical-analogue sculptures built with discarded objects that produce sounds and awaken wonder. A live performance, an installation. A real forge of sounds and steampunk visions made real.


PLAY K(ei) is also 0-99